Evening all,

I have been watching some Flatcaps on eBay. I was thinking of getting one to go with my CD5 XS.

The choice is between the original, the 2, the 2X and the XS. The prices range from £350 to £499 (for the XS). I realise that the more recent, the better sounding, but how significant are the improvements and is it something that you’d only notice with side-by-side comparisons?

I have made an offer on the XS, but the Vendor isn’t being very communicative, plus his feedback score is lower than the lowest I would normally go for.

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Check their service status. I’d rather an older one with a recent service etc

Good point, Bruce. Will do. Will get them to confirm the year too.

I’d probably want a 2x or an XS…

Ask for the serial number then you can check the age and service history with Naim.
Also remember that an older unit may be false economy if you need to get it serviced.

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Adding a flatcap to my CD5XS (which I no longer use) made quite a difference. Don’t recall what exactly other than it being a worthwhile improvement and the overall sound becoming more analogue/relaxed.

XS Has brushed aluminium front, and two identical power outputs. Currently using mine to power 152 in second system. It is the natural partner so I would look for one of these via a dealer if I were you.

Hi Chris,

Some of the listings have the serial number, so I will contact Naim tomorrow about those in the first instance. Yes indeed re servicing.

A routine recap/service would be due after around 10 years, although many units remain in use for much longer. Naim will have records of this for any work done by their in house service dept.
Class A in Sheffield are the only other service agent authorised by Naim, and I believe they keep their own records too.

Hi Chris. Many thanks for that.

FWIW when my CD5XS was in use every day with a Nait XS, I added a FlatCap XS to the system. I felt it was a nice improvement which kept the essential sound signature of the CD player. But the gain was modest and while it was just about worth it, it didn’t transform the system. What did was adding an nDAC and switching the CD5 to be used as transport. If it were me I’d be inclined to forget about the FlatCap and try to track down a good example of the DAC.


Hi Roger. Interesting. My CD5 XS is already running through an NDAC. So sounds like the addition of a power supply like I am considering might not make enough of a difference to be worth the cost.

AFAIK none.

As @Christopher_M says. IIRC the external power supply for the CD5 supports the analogue circuits only. The internal supply does the transport and digital electronics. I would guess the same, or similar, applies to the CD5XS. Worth finding out for sure before bidding

I agree with both of the above. If you’re using the CD player as transport, adding a PS is unlikely to improve SQ. What you need is a PS on the nDAC! But then you’re looking at XPS or 555 and that gets expensive.



Similarly, if I wanted to add a power supply to my NDX 2 - XPS or 555.

Might be better off going for a separate power amp to add to the SN3, e.g. a 250DR.

What do people think of the NAP200?

Although the FC supply doesn’t necessarily power the transport stage, what it does do is free-up the internal PS from supplying the analogue stage - thus the resources of the internal power supply are less extended and hence better able to power the transport side.

Best to listen and judge for yourself…

But do the analogue stages get powered when the player is switched to SPDIF output? I thought they were switched off.


A used XP5XS could also power your nDAC.

Are you using the NDX2 as a digital source into the Naim DAC ?