Hi all,

Looking at, in the future, adding a FlatCap to my Nait XS, as trying my Olive HiCap on it had a positive difference - and Naim recommend a FlatCap.

Does anyone know the physical or tonal differences of each version of a FlatCap and what to aim for (buying used)? Probably looking at a newer style classic FlatCap 2 onwards but certainly not averse to a nice Olive set up either :smile:. I know servicing can be needed depending on age (luckily my Olive HiCap is recently serviced).



There’s an article on TNT Audio where they use both a 2 and a 2x but I think it’s with a CD5x. I read it over 10 years ago and I was considering what to get for my CD5x at the time. Keeping it in series seems a good idea to me.

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Alternatively; keep the hicap and try a 72 with it :wink:


:rofl:. Not really any intentions of that one - the 62 is serviced and with new serviced phono cards too - be too many marginal gains on the Olive set up ai think :smile:

However, another Olive HiCap for the Nait XS2 could well come along cheaper than anything “newer” :+1:

I think you’d be disappointed with a Flatcap after using a recently serviced Hicap - the difference isn’t small.

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Thanks - will have a look.

I want to find if there is much technical difference between say a FlatCap 2 and an XS as there is quite a big difference in used price and they essentially look identical outside.

It may well be that the right HiCap comes along first anyway, for the right price.

Adding the HiCap to the Nait XS2 was not exactly night and DT, but there were improvements - if the FlatCap made less difference, I’d not consider it at all.

I would move the HiCap as far away from the NAIT as is possible. I doubt a FlatCap will hold a torch to the HiCap. I recently upgraded a NAIT XS 2 with a HiCap DR and it wasn’t subtle at all.

Thanks Stephen.

As mentioned, it was only there to try it out (it’s used on my other Olive set up).

If I bought one I’d be looking to isolate it on its own shelf on my rack :+1:

Can the XS2 make use of much of the facilities in the HiCap DR as I understand the Nait can only access certain parts so some is redundant (hence why Naim recommend a FlatCap)?

A Hicap2 DR would certainly give the Nait a significant upgrade and match the look :grinning:Maybe a clean ‘pre-loved’ example?
Both the FC and HC connect via a single Snaic. It is the larger reserve and better regulation that the HC brings to the party.

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Yeah I will keep looking but I don’t intend to pay anywhere near the cost of the amp or I’d just spend the ££ upgrading the amp I think :+1:

When I had a Nait XS (first version), I tried a FlatCap XS and found it gave a subtle, but to me, just worthwhile performance upgrade, so I bought it. Later, I tried a HiCap (not DR) but did not like the effect. To me, the HC changed the nature of the sound, making it less natural and musical. Whereas the FC preserved the attractive sound signature of the Nait. However, the improvement was modest and if, as your last post suggests, you’re looking to upgrade your amp in the not-too-distant future, I’d stick the money in the piggy bank until that happy time.


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Thanks Roger.

Have absolutely zero intention to upgrade the amp in the future (it’s great and not even a month old yet) especially after having just bought a complete 2nd Naim system for my other turntable.

I think a FlatCap is probably what I need over time - just a case of now finding the right bargain :smile:

Honestly, the Flatcap is marginally better than the inbuilt power supply but no more than that.
I wasted my money on a FC2 many moons ago. A Hicap is a significantly better unit and much more versatile if/when you move up the chain.
Buy cheap buy twice rule applies :wink:


Thanks for that - the kind of info I am gathering :+1:

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