Last week I bought a couple of pairs of Royd speakers from EBay. Royd 7s, Royd Conistons. These are to go with the systems my youngest son-in-law and I am putting together for 2 of my grandchildren. (upcoming birthdays)

Couldn’t remember my login details so did them as individual purchases.

What a palaver. Finished up entering Credit Card details twice for each item - first time they didn’t like it although all the data was correct (I and SWMBO double checked it). Had to use an alternative card for one of the purchases because the bank decided that something fraudulent was going on (it wasn’t!).

Anyway, both items (from different sellers) arrived OK, but when i tried to use the REPLY bit to acknowledge receipt, Ebay wouldn’t let me, saying that orders older than 90 days can’t be discussed or some such comment. I only bought them last week!

Now they’ve sent me an email asking if one of the orders has arrived (it has) as their tracking system thinks it hasn’t. Again, no way that I can see of contacting them to tell them that their site is misbehaving. All I need is an email address so that I can communicate with a REAL person.

Things like this are why I don’t like having anything to do with EBay.

The 7s and Conistons are in good working order and immaculate condition. Just got around to trying them on the end of my NDS/552/300. Not quite as good as my nSats, but tuneful and pleasing to listen to. I’m sure my grandchildren will love them. I could quite happily live with either of them myself.

Not had issues with eBay for years. And I buy/sell loads.


Me too… :slightly_smiling_face:
eBay itself is fine - its not the greatest website, but it mostly works.

Never had anything like the OP has posted… :thinking:
Reads as if the Sales were both made as a ‘guest’ perhaps…

[ ‘Could Not Remember Log In Details’ - is a massive clue, as to why this happened - IMO… ]


I think that, as long as you have no problems with what you have bought (and received, thank goodness), you really shouldn’t worry yourself over FleaBay’s creaky procedures.

I’m assuming that there’s no comeback on you, of course! (Which I can’t imagine there could be.)

No problems here in nearly 20 years.


Same here.

Looks like user error to me. :grin:

What did op reply to.

I just usually just leave feedback to acknowledge receipt. But buyer doesn’t really need to acknowledge receipt.

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Only problem with Ebay items I’ve had lately is goddam Evri/Hermes…useless delivery service.


Keep an eye on your bank/credit card account if you’ve selected them via the e-bay process and paid via card.

After I sent a parcel last year, I ended up with small debits for other parcels out in Europe (so it appeared). Debit card duly cancelled & replaced.

To clarify, I made both purchases as a guest. Just really annoyed that I couldn’t send a message that the items had been received in good condition and up to expectations.

One of the deliveries came via Evri. He rang the doorbell, I immediately came down from my study (upstairs) and opened the door to find him about to depart in his van. I knocked on his passenger door window and he just pointed to the little alleyway between our house and the garden fence. He’d just dumped the parcel on top of the dustbins - and it was raining! No delivery card left at all. (sigh)

That’s why… You need to sort out your eBay log in, to prevent this happening again.

Sorry… to state the obvious, but… :expressionless:

Hundreds of transactions and never a problem with the site itself not functioning properly. Sounds like user error to me.


If you have never had problems with FleaBay, you are a very lucky punter indeed, ElMarko. You must be doing something that I’m not.

I understand software and user experiences vary greatly. Software companies can be pretty good at delivering bad UX so it doesn’t surprise me some folks have a hard time.

Never any issues with eBay in twenty years, even returns of faulty products. You should definitely register though and initiate 2FA etc. Not sure I would buy/sell as a ‘guest.’ Can you even generate feedback that way, which is most important (as a seller esp)?


What would we do without it ! a great portal for buying and selling.
I only wish they had a few more competitors.


Just to clarify, I was already registered, but couldn’t remember my login details. Hence made these purchases as a guest. I have now managed to find these details and can now login, but that does not solve the problem of wanting to feedback to the sellers that I received their produce quickly and it is to my satisfaction.

As regards their ‘help’ bit of the site. All you get is a list of options - none of which applied to my problem. No ‘OTHER’ option or actual email address or such where you could perhaps contact a real person to sort it out. Amazon have such thing, why can’t EBay?

Now you’re logged in, find the seller, select an item he is selling, select contact seller, tell the seller you received the royd speakers and you are very pleased.

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Just did that now. Hopefully this will make the sellers happy.

As I said earlier, I am familiar with Royd speakers, having owned a Edens, and my daughters had A7s and Conistons. Excellent little speakers, and I hope my grandkids are happy with with ones I will be giving them.

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You’re welcome. :grin: