Floorstanders for Naim Uniti Atom

Looking for a pair of compact(ish) floorstanders for my Uniti Atom. Room size is 5.5m x 4m and they need to work around 6" from the rear wall. Budget is £1,500 although there might be a little flex in that if the end result justifies it. Thanks.

Neat motive sx2 would be a good choice.


Hi G,

I bought a pair of (French) Jean Marie Reynaud Lunna compact floorstanders from my dealer in November. My listening room is roughly 3m x 3m and they are about a foot from the wall as recommended. The Uniti Atom drives them really well and they sound wonderful and fit the room size really well.

They cost about euro 1800 (approx Stg 1500). I was able to try them at home first. Best of luck in your search.


Spendor A2 and A4, PMC Twenty5 23, Totem do some nice compact floor standers, forget the model. Probably the Neat SX2 and Spendor A2 would be the best match for the Atom.

I second the Neat Motive SX2 - I’ve had loads of fun when using these with the Atom.

Another vote for the Neat SX2 here, it’s a great small floorstander and not too fussy when it comes to positioning. Also consider Kudos X2 which is a very similar design and size, unfortunately now discontinued but you can find good deals on lightly used ones.

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Thats a tad bigger than my room. I found floor standers too much with my Atom, too much bass due to room nodes and needed to come out a lot further than 6 inches to make it drop to a manageable level without them booming and chuffing and these where down firing ports like the sx2. Went for a sealed box stand mount in the end which work close to the wall much easier. I guess it will depend on your room layout and flooring so try at home first.

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Neat Iota Xplorers would be my choice, sound great with my Star

Although well under your budget, I’d seriously consider something like Qacoustics 3050i. The same range has always worked amazingly well with the older Uniti Qute2. They are well balanced, uncomplicated to drive and the modest amp in the Atom won’t ever be tripped up by them.

Matching speakers with rooms is king. The Atom is a great little one box solution so my counsel would be speak to a dealer and book a slot and listen to three or 4 options and narrow it down for a home demo.

Any other strategy will be luck dependant.

Fwiw I run my Atom with Neat iota alphas as I didn’t want a big dominating speaker in the room.



My local Audio-T is selling the Neat SE2 in preference to the SX2 - customers seem to prefer it. Maybe worth a look?

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used monitor audio bx5 with my atom and felt it was lacking a bit of bass and oomph. changed them recently to the silver 200 6g versions and love it. My room is around 6x4.5m so not dissimilar to the OPs.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Seems that Neat figure quite strongly so will definitely factor them into my shortlist for demonstrations.

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