Floorstanders to replace Naim Ovator S400 and improve performance (a.k.a. my systems evolution)

I’ve messaged you.

The info re S series speakers sounds like something that should be on the Naim website support pages!

Hi Richard. If there is a S400 torque spec guide I too would love that. Thanks

I would like to get S400 torque specs also. Have been thinking to do this for some time.

Easy: ProAc Tab Sigs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay I don’t know Audionet amps except by reputation but if you want “end game” speakers the Kudos 606 is a pretty good place to finish. They will work happily, if not optimised with a SN, are not room fussy and will very comfortably see off the 400s, and will further improve with future amplification upgrades. BUT demonstration essential.

Hi Richard, could you please send me the file too? I have 4 pairs of naim ovators in my multichannel system and would like to better control these torque values. Thanks in advance

I’ve just sent it to you via email.

Still loving my SpendorD7 loudspeakers and streaming Tidal on my NDX2.
Have not heard the recent upgrade but they certainly do speak Naim.
good luck

Can I get one of these as well? Thanks in advance, Richard.

Do you have them for the S600? please?

You laugh, but that’s what I did. S400 to T10S.

A house move involved too of course.


Sorry, that was meant for Richard…

Do you have them for the S600, please?

Back on topic: XPS DR arrived today. One year old from Naim dealer, fantastic condition. Oh my, I have not imagined that kind of uplift. Better bass, better focus, more 3D.

By the way: is the Burndy connection directional? Seems no indication which direction I have to connect between XPS and NDX.

Hi Line interconnect is on its way. Looking forward to another improvement.


The band goes at the NDX end, as shown in the manual.


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Thanks @Richard.Dane

Hi @Richard.Dane could you send me a copy of the torque settings for my active S600s too please. Thanks.

Hi Richard. As above - if there is a torque setting guide for the S400s I would love to have a copy as well. Thanks