Floorstanders to replace Naim Ovator S400 (and improve performance)


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You see: I can‘t even remember the model correctly.

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Very interested in hearing how you go as I currently have an xps from Israel too. I got a pre loved 252/SCDR and want to change my power amp (currently out of balance with a 200 non-DR) but am swayed by some here who say the difference between TP and Naim XPS is huge.

All for maximising my source first but only if it makes a big enough difference.

@sailorck I think from your posts you are still currently using S400s - similar owner here, albeit with a Nova (+soon to add NAP250), in a second system. If they are ten years old, may I suggest they could do with some attention or perhaps better put, some fettling. Happy to explain more.

Please go ahead.

@sailorck I’m guessing you may not have done anything for your Ovators. Naim speakers, while being marmite for some, are designed to be accurately setup. That involves the sprung base being stable, spikes et al tightened as per the spec sheet. Drive units should be set at the specified torque settings. Over time the latter may be off. AFAIK a torque screwdriver sets the torque, it can’t measure, so it is necessary to loosen each of the drive units in turn and then set to the appropriate torque setting. It made a difference for mine YMMV. Set the torque on the front of the units, I don’t believe you need to do anything at the rear. It may, just may also be that a slight change of position for the speaker will benefit, when you have the speakers reset. Use a good quality torque screwdriver, IME the cheap ones are not accurate enough. Search the forum, there have been previous comments on a t-s.
Finally the spec sheet, which is available from Naim, however if you ask that great moderator of ours, you may find that @Richard.Dane will help you out. I rather think he has a copy (I sent him one), which he will probably send by pm. There was a thread on S600s awhile ago, info may apply. Anything else, do ask.
Just one other thought re NACs. I’ve long had a full Naim system, even if you don’t need the “buttons” just ignore them, Naim designed great NACs and NAPs, which still are relevant today. Clearly while they could change the facilities on the pre, if it ain’t broke…! Just listen to the music. Maybe we can bring you further into the fold.
Wonder if you are uk based, which region?

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Thanks, will look into optimising the speaker setup. I am from Germany.

I seem to think my torque screwdriver was German - you should have any difficulty borrowing or buying… Good luck - hope you let us know how it all progresses.

I’d go for a good pair of used Magico S3 MkII.
Should match nicely your Audionet SAM G2.

Versatile and accurate speakers.
The fact they are sealed design helps with positioning.
Build quality is outstanding!


I second Thomas! I can concur that Magico and Naim are an insanely good pairing with beautiful synergy! Even the ‘lowly’ A3 is worth an audition.

Interested to read how you do the torque settings on the S400s. Any further information?

It’s too bad you haven’t heard the best of the Ovators. they really do shine in a Naim system. The SN1 is not a particularly good amp so I can see how you didn’t get on with it.

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The Spendor D7.2’s are fantastic for the price. Different sound than the Classic Series.


@Richard.Dane Could you provide the here quotetd spec sheet?


Go Watt go.simple

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I’ve messaged you.

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Hi Richard, when you have a mo can you send to me as well now i have a pair of s600. Many thanks


Will do Gaz. Stand by…


I would love to have this as well after moving house three times with my S400s, thank you!