Floorstanders to replace Naim Ovator S400 (and improve performance)

I’ve always though the so-called big or large “soundstage” from many setups are exaggerated, false and unnatural.

Often far from the live experience you get listening to real performed music, I much prefer that effect “its like being there”

Sure I’m a minority, everybody wants soundstage.


I am no native English speaker as most likely is obvious.

My wording of non measurable perceptions is borrowed and perhaps not always correct.

If I would try to phrase what I perceive and visualize, some (not all) of the things I aim for is a balance of wide image which is not hooked, but rounded, the clear placement and definition of instruments (for me mostly Jazz) and an immersive feeling as a listener. I have always described a wide, rounded image as sound stage, nothing to do with live performances, perhaps I was wrong. Wording being what it might have to be, this image is what I try to achieve when placing my speakers.

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I think the problem is not particularly to do with your grasp of English - which is good. It is more to do with the lack of suitable words to describe clearly and unambiguously what you are trying to describe, and the consequent attempts by people to grasp for words that are not, perhaps, adequate.
Wine tasting seems to suffer from similar problems.


A problem for us all then! Regarding wine, I can less visualize what I like, especially with wording like oaky, leather, horse stable, cellar smells with hints of cat urine do little to help me describe what I like unfortunately :sunglasses:

Anyway, toe in for me: less wide image. So I don’t.


There you go again…. There are so many different flavors of cat urine …


Installing the PS555 DR on my NDX2 took the Ovators to another level again. I’m glad that I tapped the forums wisdom before moving on.


Option 2 worked for me :grinning:

Good choice :ok_hand:

May I also request the S-400 info please?

Current status: System is now all set for the next level: As you could read spread over various threads I did not replace the Ovators but the amplification. I also upgraded the source by changing a non Naim power supply to a XPS DR in the first place and eventually changed to a 555DR. This now opens up the way for a ND 555 which I will look into next year.

After loaning some Ansuz cables I now own a full loom (mainly A2) which also significantly improved the overall sound. Especially the speaker cables were a revelation in contrast to my Taralabs cables as was the repositioning of the speakers.

Cable dressing and decoupling of all components contributed to the sound stage as well.

One take away for me: as long as you can hear a difference, the speakers are not on their limit.

Best of all: since opening this thread I spent endless hours listening to fine music.