Floorstanding speaker match

I have an old recently serviced naim set up consisting of a cd 3.5 with high cap, nac 102 with high cap and nap 180 (will add on a nat 03 tuner when i can). My system is powering black ash linn keilidh speakers with the upgraded tweeters with nac05 speaker cable. I was thinking of changing my speakers for ones with a lighter colour to match my decor. I would prefer not to buy speakers beyond the keildhs size. I may buy the same speaker in a lighter finish because they do sound fantastic. Are there better alternatives? Also, my system is housed in a soundstyle rack but i want to change it for a low slung horizontal unit to support my new tv with my system underneath but there are no units like that that have the same sound isolating properties as my soundstyle rack. I remember when i first heard my system on it and there definitely was a sonic difference. I would like one with a wood finish so if anyone could steer me in the right direction i would really appreciate their input. Thanks in advance. Mike h.

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Hi Mike,

I know nothing about the Linn speakers you mention, but why not look at HiFi Racks? Their Av racks are made in the same way as their HiFi racks. In your position that is definitely where I would look.

I use them for my AV system ( which includes a UnitiQute ) .

I am sure you will get oodles of advice, but do you have a price range for the speakers?

PS Have a NAT 03 and I would see if you can get a serviced one. They are very good, and pound per sound , I am sure you will be delighted. Just make sure it is attached to an external vhf aerial

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