FM acoustics / Vertere show

Furniture, yes… audio stands… :upside_down_face:

When Touraj did a repair on my TMS and set up the Phono 1, I picked the deck up from the factory. We played a few tracks on the TMS to check it out, and enjoy the music (through a Supernait into PMC speakers). I noticed a then newly launched DG-1 and commented I’d like to hear one soon. Touraj kindly plumbed that into the Nait and we had a listen to the same tracks. I preferred the TMS, Touraj the DG-1. I’d say that for me the Dg-1 had the edge on bass responsiveness, I preferred the mid-range on the TMS and felt that it was overall more involving. I thought the DG-1 was spectacularly good for the price. (My TMS/Artemiz are very early Mark 1s, which both had a full rebuild by Touraj around 2009, where he retrofitted all the elements of the TMS2/3 that were fittable, and rewired the Artemiz, so it’s an unusual spec.)
Interesting that he showed the SG1 rather than the RG1 through that FM Acoustics setup, with amps of that calibre I’d have expected the top of the range deck.


The Roboli design audio stands says:
« Furniture entirely dedicated to Roboli Electronics, the latter has been designed to optimize the vibration flow of each electronic, amplifier, line or phono preamp, ePower and musical sources… Indeed, it would have been useless to study the control and the flow optimum vibration of each Roboli electronics if these could not lead to a rigid structure, developed to best evacuate these vibratory phenomena.«

But how effective that support / stand is, I have no idea.

Long story short, that’s great to hear, and I think you posted about that experience before?

I demo’d a DG-1/Magneto a few weeks ago, after my very much loved Systemdek started to get a bit of a noisy motor. I’m currently searching my soul about a new TT, and very tempted by the DG-1. My only issue is that my Systemdek had the DG-1 beat on image width, I’m hoping that’s explicable by the cartridge - do you recall which you heard on the DG-1?

Erm, sorry, no it’s not, I have heard all four Vertere decks and you have to go to the SG-1 to better the TMS3.

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I have mentioned it before, you’re right. Hopefully not boring to read again. Touraj is incredibly enthusiastic about music and hifi, loves talking about music and his design choices, andis very generous with his time.
I wouldn’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure that the cartridge was the Magneto (the MM cartridge if I have the name right) , Touraj told me that he found a lot of dealer pull globally for a plug and play bundle with an MM cartridge so he’d launched the Magneto to give him that.
I’m one of the people who don’t really find imaging to be a key part of musical enjoyment, so sorry I can’t give any useful comments on that.

Not boring to read again at all!! I am very tempted by the DG-1, thanks for recounting your experience with it :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was surprised he said that. Not very honest, but it’s the rule of advertising and promoting new products.

All the people at the show were listening to the DG , with entry level FM acoustics ( however already 10 k per component). Mostly young people around 25-30 years old.
The top one room was empty when I came. I was alone with Touraj during 1 hour.
Maybe it’s a budget reason or the particular fun look of the DG.

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“All the young people…” That seals the deal for me - SOLD!! X)

(wish I had that sort of budget at 25-30… or even now at… a bit older :wink: )

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:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

I’ve heard Vertere and FM a couple of times at the Munich shows.

Touraj Turntables are great, so are FM electronics
All at very high prices.

Didn’t really like FM speakers, guess they are weak points.

Listened to it on Qobuz - excellent stuff, thanks for pointing this album out FR. It is worth sticking it on the main Music Room thread!


Thanks Nigel. Just listening to Gotta serve somebody, my favourite track. Yes, you can share it in the music room. Good idea. :+1:

I posted it last night.


I see it now.
Touraj had some first pressings of great lp albums, like What’s going on by Marvin Gay. It was an album before production, with no cover album.
I don’t remember how it is being called.
Perhaps @Richard.Dane can explain the difference between the album pressed before commercialisation, the first pressing, and the test pressing.
I wonder also if it’s worth to buy a test pressing, for sound quality.

I have quite a number of test pressings. Their main appeal is that they’re pretty much guaranteed to be the earliest pressings from a particular stamper and done with an extra degree of care (you hope). However, it’s not all roses; they’re called test pressings for a reason and they can be rejected for one reason or another. Sometimes because of a fault or other issue, but sometimes, especially back in the '50s, '60s, and early '70s, because it was felt that the cut was too “hot” for basic record playing equipment to cope with. These days such test pressings can be rather good…

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I think you are right, I remember he spoked about the Reference as the best.
When I asked him if it’s possible to fit the tempo on the MG1, he said of course. « It doesn’t cost a lot « . I asked him the price. He said « 4 k « .
I feel he has lost the notion of price :joy:
Do you have the Tempo on yours or you just heard it?

Earlier this year, I took the MG-1 to Touraj for some “fine tuning”.

This post refers: MG-1 visits Vertere

Off comes the SG-1 motor controller, expensive link cable to the turntable and then the motor itself.
For the MG-1, a small amount of machining is required to fit the new cable connectors and the on/off switch for the white light.

Then, in goes the new motor, the new sockets, wiring and the Tempo motor controller.

As I understand it, Tempo can be retrofitted easily to older SG-1 and RG-1 turntables without any machining of the perspex but there is a small amount of machining for the MG-1. Hence, it’s a bit more expensive to Tempo the MG-1.

Ours has been Tempoed.

Best regards, BF


That reminds me of the old advert - you’ve been Tangoed!

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