FM/DAB in Nova

Hello there
Is there really a module for FM / DAB for the uniti nova?
My supplier tells me it never went on sale

there is. but i think its upon request (when buying).

@Naim.Marketing can (please) validate this(?).

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There certainly is and it did go on sale. It can be retro-fitted by your dealer. I think the UK price was about £150. Obviously I don’t know how long the deliverability is at the moment.



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I have one, it cost approx £150 and was fitted by my dealer when the Nova was initially supplied. My understanding is that it can be dealer retrofitted for a similar price.


this is what i didnt have for certain. thanks david. (and kend)

When I originally ordered my Nova with the FM/DAB Module, the module arrived separately since I asked for the Nova to be drop-shipped from Naim Canada (eg. To minimize shipping distances). Simple instructions and easy plug in installation. Requires a ‘pozi’ screwdriver for partial removal of the back of the Nova.


I already contacted the provider with this information to get it. Thanks


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