FM DAB module for N 272

Are any forum members running their 272s with the optional radio module?

If so, user impressions would be appreciated. In particular how well does the FM section perform on weak stations?


If it’s the same as the SuperUniti’s then it’s grand. I generally only use it for talk radio and the opera on Saturdays.

Miss my “old” dab enabled Superuniti. Simpler times then.
Please excuse my rant.

When I bought my 172 I was a little disappointed that it didn’t have the DAB/FM module fitted. However I have found that the Internet radio input fulfils this need so I do not miss it really.

I have a FM module in my 272, which sounds fine on R3 and R4. I’ve not tried it on anything else. A while ago I bought a used NAT05 for the princely sum of £240 and it’s just so much better it’s incredible. If you have the space that may be worth considering. Both the FM module and the 05 need a decent aerial to work well.

Night and day Nigel?

I also have a 172 with the FM/DAB+ module. As far as I know Naim used the same module on all their tuner enabled streamers and pre amp streamers for a few years. Very convenient and reasonable sound. On weak FM it is what I call “fair”.
I have an old analogue Luxman tuner from the 80’s. If is better on weak FM than the Naim module, but considering it used to sell for around $800 AUD back then it should.
As for DAB+, the Naim sounds sort of OK, a bit hard perhaps. I have no other decent DAB source to compare it too.

Ha! I had better Naim tuners in the past, including 02 and 01. When I downsized to an SU it came with FM tuner and so I got one in the 272. Over the five years you get used to the sound and I was perfectly happy with the FM module. But I had a spare Fraim shelf and when I saw the 05 at my local dealers I thought why not? I wasn’t expecting it to sound much better but was amazed at how much more real and engaging it was. I only mentioned it in case it was an option for the OP.

Only kidding. I do agree. It’s difficult to describe and when I try to explain to “normal” people the difference between a good FM signal and one that is delivered through Internet radio or DAB I usually end up saying it’s more “real” or “involving”. Eyes glaze over and they say “what are you on about? FM is old tech…” I then start trying to make comparisons between good vinyl replay and CD and use words like “analogue” and “smooth”. More glazed eyes and we usually leave it there.
I then console myself just knowing how wonderful good FM replay sounds on my NAT01 and all is well…

Hi Dave,

I know. You then think lets just sit them in front of a decent system, but this is where to me this is akin to tasting a good wine, you need a level of education to truly appreciate what you are tasting, or listening to.


Hello All.

Thanks for responding to my request for info.

My UnitiLite is ok for receiving local stations, but does not fare as well on weak, low powered stations. If the radio module for the 272 is the same, or similar, I suppose I should not expect much from it on weak stations either. In general, I’m more interested in the RF performance of a tuner. FM broadcast quality in my area is pretty abysmal. Even the non-commercial stations transmit with massive compression. Using the modulation meter on the Kenwood 917, one sees around 3-6 dB (!!) of dynamic range.

Given lack if info, its not clear not that a stand alone Naim tuner would be better than the radio module for the 272.

Stay Well.

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