FM F Type Connector on NDX


This is my first post to the Forum so please be gentle with me.

I recently purchased a new/old stock NDX and must say I was quite blown away with it. Sound quality is quite astounding.

One small wrinkle, it has the FM board factory fitted terminating in an F Type chassis socket. Would some kind soul be able to point me in the right direction where I could purchase the correct size plug?
I did buy an F Type plug but it was the wrong size, putting a vernier across the threads measured 9mm, which is smaller than standard.
Naim technical support were not much help when I rang them.

Thank you very much in advance


The small F-type connector is for Bluetooth. So if it has FM/DAB then there is a normal F connector on the left of the NDX sign on the rear of the unit. It is labelled “Aerial”. If the unit doesn’t have FM/DAB then there is a plastic plug in the hole instead of the F connector. There will also be a WiFi F Connector. So three in all, one of which is smaller.


Further to Davids post -
The standard F type FM/DAB radio connector thread is 9.5mm.

Thank you for the kind replies I have pulled the NDX from its home and yes it is a standard 9.5mm F Type so I should be good to go once the soldering iron is warm.
Again many thanks for the help.


You don’t solder F type
They are either crimped or screw on
I use screw on - all you need to be sure about is to get the correct fitting for the coax cable size

The installation kit was labled ‘NDX2’ much fun was had trying to get the remote to work. But as the remote for the NDX is different from that supplied with the NDX2, it refused to pair so I had to rely on the buttons to set it up. What larks.
I did have a rifle through the install kit for an adapter but as the NDX2 does not have the DAB/FM option there was no adapter. I did get an extra WiFi aerial which is some consolation in a glass half full sort of way except that I don’t have much use for it. Seeing how they price a WiFi aerial at £19 (I know shocking) perhaps the factory would do a swap?

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The F Type I have is a solderable type to lessen connection loss. Might only be a couple of dB but every bit helps.

OK, it might (might) be something to consider at satellite frequencies, but not FM/DAB,

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Yep - a twist on one is more than adequate here.

From what I have learnt each connection in a signal path will introduce attenuation of said signal. At the end of my down lead I measure about 52 dBuV/m which is not quite grade 2 (as defined by the BBC) so although being above detection threshold I would not like to loose any more hence the soldered plug.

Thanks again for the kind replies


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