FM tuning problem on NAT05

Hi all, I have a problem that has crept in with the FM tuning on my NAT 05. Both on manual and scan, the frequency will move only between 76.6 and 89.9 FM, and I cannot manage to lift it into the 90s where BBC R3 and R4 are. Any ideas? John

That sounds like a defect & will need to go to Naim Service
But before that have you tried a power off to see if that clears it?

That sounds suspiciously like the tuning range for Japan - might be there’s some special button pressing combination to change it

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Good point, an e-mail to Naim should answer that one.
However I’ve been all over & inside my NAT05 & I’ve not seen anything that could be a button or programming feature.
Keep us posted on what you find xhoni, all useful info

I just looked in the manual & see in the spec’s
Tuning Range (Europe): VHF/FM 87.5 – 108MHz
(Tuning range regional variations set internally)
… So that’s a clue that there is something inside that can change the tuning range
& it means its definitely best to contact Naim Service.

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Mr Google has revealed similar issues on Nat02s. It seems a leaky capacitor can change the reference voltage, with a knock on impact on the tuning range. I’d suggest a trip to Naim or Class A is in order.

Thanks to all for these interesting replies. I’ll write to Naim. I suspect this problem was caused by a house guest playing with the remote, so maybe there’s a way back.


Please let us know when you hear back from Naim.

Class A, don’t do tuners, they referred me back to Naim two weeks ago for my NAT03

I’ve heard back from Naim, who say that this issue will have to be dealt with by a service team. There is no way of adjusting the tuning range through the remote.

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Ahh, I thought that might be the case as I’ve been reading & fiddling around with mine & getting nowhere.
So whats the plan ??

That’s irritating - especially in lockdown!

Is it a very old unit?

Yes, this unit is 2006 vintage. I shall mull over this a bit, because our system generally needs an upgrade, and either start afresh or contact the dealer, Grahams, from where this came. Thanks to all for your comments.

I think that you won’t get anything of the same quality for the price of a service. Naim have recently quoted £230 for my NAT03 .

Where I have been lucky is that I am feeding the Sky box signal into a UnitiQute2 that I use as a DAC and am getting a very good sound.

Obviously I can’t do a fair side by side comparison but I can listen to the Sky/UnitiQute combo for hours whereas the Sky box and a small DAC together are listenable for about an hour

A further message from Naim. This little ploy solved the problem at once.

‘Power off the unit, hold the down button in and then power back up while continuing to hold the down button.
Give it a few seconds. This might reset the ranges.’

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Excellent news…worth a try @Mike-B

Hi Gazza, I’m tempted, but throughout all this my 05 has been OK, so I’m leaving well alone, I guess this process will zap the presets & I really would not want to do that.
I’ve just been trying to see what I could find to cause the same range limiting problems by fiddling with the remote control - as xhoni suspected might be the cause.

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