Focal 1008 and sub or 1028

I currently have a set of Focal 918’s and considering an upgrade. After checking some other brands I think I am going to stay with Focal but upgrade to get the be tweeter. I have a line on a set of 1008’s with stands and pair it with my sw908 focal sub or wait for a set of 1028’s to come up on the used market. Given that I already have a sub I could save money and get the 1008’s but wondering if I am settling for poorer performance than the 1028 and better to wait. I’ll be using my Nait XS to drive them. The room is 12x20 and I have the flexibility to position the speakers as much as 20 inches from the rear wall.

Any experience in comparing bookshelf/sub combos vs floorstanders from fellow forum members appreciated. If anyone has experience comparing the 1008 and the 1028 that is helpful too. I’ve heard the 1008’s but not in my room or with my sub. Really liking what I’m hearing but admittedly the bottom is a bit lacking without a sub.

Hi Dave,

Both great speakers, depends on the room they are going in …and the quality of what is in front of them; they don’t hide any deficiencies.

I owned the 1008be II. A knowledgeable friend told me to avoid the Focal subs, they are not fast enough to keep up. I used, and still use, a BK XXLS-400-DF which worked excellently with them.

@MDS has the 1028 in a CD555 fronted 500 series system that is superb, laying to rest any thoughts that Focal and Naim are mutually incompatible; just needs a lot of close attention to setup & the right room.


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Thanks for that info and particularly on focal subs. I’m using my sub in my home theatre system and haven’t tried it in my music room so good to know. With the Nait XS I typically listen to digital music (Rock and jazz mostly) through my ndx served up from my uniti core.

Hi Dave, fwiw,

I have seen a YouTube vlog from NBT called: people’s answer to floorstanders or bookshelves with sub.

So in this blog he asks colleagues and calls Sean from zero fidelity, Steve guttenberg, Thomas and NRD. He asks them what they would choose.

Everyone answered floorstanders.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks for weighing in. I’ve landed on the same place and will be getting a floor stander. Looking at the focal 1028be or proac d20r as of now.

A lot of forum members love the proac’s.

But I believe you will enjoy both of them, until the itch for the next upgrade :sweat_smile:

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I had Focal Chorus, skipped the 906 and then went to the 1008be, never felt the need for a sub, but not one for room shattering bass.

1008 are supposed to need allot of room, but mine work marvellous just under 30cm from the rear wall, I even removed the foam bung as it just messed up everything.

What I would say is vs the Chorus standmount it was no where near an instant wow but mine where new a needed a long run in, but even then disappointing for the price.

Then I upgraded a box or two and wow the 1008 really started to show what they can do.

So my tuppence advice is maybe put the money elsewhere until like me you saw the speakers as a keeper longer term.

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