Focal 1028 Be

I ve just sold my audio research pre - power amplifier and now I am driving my 1028 with a Nait 5i. It sound much better, the bass is more controlled but still sound a little bit bright. I know 5i has not enough power for the 1028.Anyone had experience with these speakers!? What do you suggest for upgrade?

As you have the Electras you’ll know they are at their best with space and a large room. I think the Nait 5i is probably underpowered for them as you suspect. Although the Electras are high sensitivity speakers they enjoy being fed. The Supernait might not be a beneficial improvement either but worth a try.

So pre/ power would be preferable.

I have their bigger brothers (1038s) using 82/hc/250dr. It might be worth auditioning a 202/200dr first which would suit the 1028 well imo. You can upgrade with power supplies from there, hc/ sc.

Oh, and welcome …:+1:

I have 1008be2 the standmount version, a superb and effortless speaker, really works with Naim.
Play around step by step, distance the rear wall, distance apart and toe in, oh plus your bass port bung.

I actually removed the bung, it really messes up the sound, then teased the speaker a little forward and then later changed from slight toe in, to firing straight ahead.

Thanks for your replies.
My room is 5,20x3,15 mt the speakers are placed 40 cm from the side walls and 2 meters from the back wall. The listening point is about 3 meters from the speakers with a little toe in. I am planning to do some acoustic treatment in the room.

I think some people might argue the 1028Be’s are a little bright anyway.

I run them with Nac282/SCDR/250DR and they sound fine to me. Speaker cable is TQ Black.

Nice wide soundstage with depth, controlled bass. Easy to listen to.

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Nice setup yours

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