Focal and art

Do you find it nice? Not me.

“Focal Arts La Constellation d’Icare is a non-profit fund created to preserve traditional crafts. The first work, La Constellation d’Icare, is presented via Focal Grande Utopia speakers, which evoke five intimate sensory experiences. This project involves Vietnamese-born French painter Hom Nguyen, American composer Mark Yaeger, French perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and French liqueur maker H. Theory.
From Mono and Stereo


I think they look better than the bog-standard ones.

I find them frightening. Maybe more suited for metal music?

I think they appear to have been dipped in a bog….

I like the bottom part of the cabinet, makes a change from usual contiguous colour face on that most speakers have. Took Mrs Deeg to point out the top part was a person’s face, I just thought it was some form of moon image given the background. Wonder what the perfumer will bring to the range… plug in aroma therapy?

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How did she found the face? I find it disturbing personally.

She did not like the way most of the head was obscured but she liked the style… reminded her of the sun’s corona.

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I don’t want my speakers looking at me. Pass.


When I first saw them, I didn’t see the face.

Only following your comments, did I go back and then see the face.

However, not for me.


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NO , I totally concur . I love the weird and wonderful record decks you show us… but these speakers are just weird.

But to each his own

best wishes


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Yes, me too. I didn’t see the face until I read there was a face. Now I can’t stop seeing the faces! Not for me. Perhaps an abstract design?

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