Focal and PMC

It’s beautiful with many layers to it beyond the soloist.


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Might as well have a thread titled “Bananas vs Crabs”

I mean, they sound totally different. Clearly a person is bound to be mire taken with one than the other. I happen to greatly prefer PMC. Doesn’t mean it’s better.

Putting sound quality aside, Focal are brave in their styling choice. If high gloss block colour isn’t your thing then Focal isn’t going to get a second chance from the wood veneer brigade. I’m in that group. Before I’d heard Focals I just though “never in my living room!”. Which is still true. But they turn out to sound okay - if not my thing sonically or aesthetically.

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Just on the English Hi-Fi terminology here: It simply means a lack of sharp control: where bass is concerned, one may have the extension and volume but some overhang (boominess) and lack of detail. A “lean” bottom end tends to mean the reverse: definition and detail but some lack in bass extension and/or volume. This is of course also room-dependent.

Anyway, I was merely making a general observation from the demos using Focal that I have been to. I hope you took none of this personally as commentary about how your speakers work with your gear in your room with the music you love.

@0.0, a system as good as yours deserves good speakers. I have no reservations whatsoever about Sopra 2s. As always a home demo of a good few weeks is advisable. On this forum there are those who dislike Focal based on show experiences, which I can understand as I was not impressed at my factory visit 2 years ago being a Sopra 2 owner then.

Since then I have bought a recently serviced preloved 500/552. The addition of Powerlines everywhere this year and the MusicWorks Ultra G3 with sparky bottom has gradually brought more wonderful sounds to my ears. The speakers were never the limiting factor, and doubts about what Fraim would bring have largely disappeared.


I haven’t heard the Kanta, but same as Filipe, I’m using Sopra 2.

I had started with 272/250DR and now using ND555/552/300DR and the Sopra 2s are still there and keep delivering and not showing their limits yet. Very happy with them.

Great speakers and value for money, lots of good reviews (except on the Naim forum, somehow).

Ah, odd that Naim’s competitors such as Linn and Rega often get better reviews than Naim’s sister company.

I think Focal can satisfy itself that it is in good company with B&W who often don’t get good reviews on this forum

Utterly tragic, as is anyone affected with this horrible disease RIP


It is, I have a cousin who has it.

My test piece is the Elgar with Jacqueline Du Pre playing it .

552/300 with sopra 2s and fancy gaia feet very happy indeed

500 level system and Sopra-3. Wonderful sound.While my next upgrade may be speakers,the Sopra are a great value and frankly worried about not really significantly improving SQ with an “upgrade”.

What are the short listed speakers for sopra 3 upgrade?

Phil try the Morganas…between 552/500…

Some considerations include Kudos Titan probably 808, Wilson SashaDAW, Magico S3.
In the US and have only heard the Wilsons at a dealer.
I think I would need a home demo which will be problematic but in no rush.

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Well I would if I didn’t already have full SL. I’m really very happy and my next spend is on Astrophotography with a highly accurate motorised Goto mount, heavy pier tripod and 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. Cameras in due course.


Everybody loves Sopra 2s including my son:)


You need to listen carefully with your family:))


Not sure whether it’s love with your older son — looks like he wants to push them over, rather than hug… :scream:

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Another reason to buy isoacoustic gaia:))

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The beryllium tweeters in the Focals scare me. Did you read the manual about keeping children away from them? (And apparently if they ever break, the manual’s instructions make it sound as if you are best off moving house)

As a general rule, speakers must be kept out of the reach of children and specifically access to the
tweeter and to the beryllium dome must be prevented.

In case of contact with skin: Remove any contaminated clothes and shoes quickly; throw away clothes and shoes. Wash the skin with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. Clean any cuts and injuries quickly and carefully. Any particles of beryllium which have accidentally become lodged underneath the skin must be removed. Consult a doctor.

If the beryllium dome is damaged in any way, it should be covered as soon as possible. We recommend that you contact the retailer to have the tweeter dismantled and replaced by trained personnel at the distributor. If the dome is broken, any beryllium particles should be carefully collected and then placed in a hermetically sealed plastic bag. It should be sent back to the retailer at the same time as the speaker.

And that’s just a small part of it.

I love the looks and they would be on my shortlist for the next speaker upgrade, but I am seriously wondering if we need to go there for our pleasures

How would you describe the change in SQ after fitting the Gaia on the Sopra 2 ?