Focal Bathys

Early reviews of this ANC Headphone are pretty impressive


Hmmm, now these seem VERY interesting! Must book a demo…

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800 Euro in The Netherlands. It better be good for that price. :upside_down_face:



Those cups look a bit heavy.

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350g - my wired Focal Clear MGs weigh 450g, but are comfortable. A good effort from Focal I think as there’s bluetooth and ANC inside. That said my wife thinks they would be too heavy, she prefers earbuds and never uses my headphones.


Mine have arrived and I’m looking forward to diving in and seeing what these are all about.


Excellent was looking at these yesterday and was about to post and ask.

Are these really on-the-go headphones?

After going through numerous sub £400 wireless IEM, Headphones from Sony, Samsung Sennheiser, my goto are Samsung Bud2 Pro, ANC is superb as is the talk in function, SQ is surprisingly good.

I think they are intended to be on-the-go. There’s the suggestion you can use them in ‘soft mode’ for concentration besides in ‘silent mode’ for travel with high ambient noise. When I commuted by train I encountered travellers with highish end earcup headphones and hi-res music players. If Bluetooth is now good enough then you could escape from wired connections. I don’t think I would buy these to accompany a phone, though you can answer calls using Bluetooth.

At £699 UK price they are at the upper end of travel Bluetooth headphones, I’d say. Though you can use a jack and USB for different functions with a wire. Some people don’t like IEMs.

Can you use these headphones with Bluetooth with NDX 2 without cable? There is even a dac inside. Very curious about experiences of users of such combo, naim streamer with these headphones?

No, Naim streamers only have a Bluetooth input, there is no output.

Thanks :pray:


The pair I received had a fault whereby there was a loud hissing when the headphones were in Transparent Mode.

I received the new pair yesterday and finally starting to spend some quality time with the headphones.

Will post more in-depth impressions in the next few days, but I can already say that these are very nice and will be taking the place of my travel headphones, dethroning the Bose QQ 35 II.


Today my Bathys arrived and oh boy, what a sound. So out of the box already stunning. And very comfortable to wear also. It’s very good. Glad I made this choice.


Really interested in these as well. Thanks for posting reviews!

I have a pair as well and even if it’s only a few days in, I love them. Lovely for the eye, several functions and comfy to wear.
Soundwise they run over my Sony VH-1000MK4 and I find them to have a fluid and musical presentation. Still need some time to discover their functions, also those in the Naim app.

Well, that’s me :slightly_smiling_face:


How strong is the NC and also to change sound modes ?

What’s NC? :blush: I have not come to details yet, I’m at the seacottage with no internet and suspect I need the app.

Sorry noise cancelling.

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Would be interested to know if these can compete with similarly priced Focal wired headphones (Elegia? Celestee) when used in wired mode?