Focal Celestee closed back headphones

Let us know how you get on with them. I need to go the other way around. I do have closed back headphones (useful in the office or for a silent Sunday afternoon when the children are too noisy) but like to get open back headphones for a more open sound.

I’m impressed by the Naim / Focal pairing. Have listened a few times to options but this is my sound.

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If I may ask, @afgverhart, what did you appreciate in the Denons to decide that they weren’t your cup of tea…?

The Denon 9200 was totally lacking bass compared to the Focals. I listened to Annet Askvik and Malia and it was like everything below say 100hz was missing.

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Thank you, @afgverhart.

I guess it must have been some configuration or synergy matter, cause the Denon 9200 is basically the starting point of the Fostex TH900 and does not lack bass precisely.

Personally I enjoy them among my collection (ATH 1000W Sobereign, Klipsch Heritage HP3, Audeze LCD-XC, Focal Clear, Meze Advar), and I find them exquisite, among the best on the market currently, both with the Chord Toucan, as with the Musical Fidelity MX-HPA (Class A), as with the Audioquest Dragonfly Red & Cobalt.

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You are probably right as some of the reviews are very positive.

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Yes, the truth is that I was surprised by your initial comment, because I find it hard to understand that the Denon 9200, well set up and with an amplifier at its height, may not like someone; that’s the reason why I asked.

Thank you in any case, and enjoy the new Beyerdynamics very much.

Which I guess is more than enough to pay for a trip to UK to buy…

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