Focal Celestee Headphones

I’ve got the Focal Elear Open Back headphones, but do like the look of the new Focal Celestee Closed Back headphones.



I am planning to give them a try. I am looking for a good sounding (and good looking) closed back headphone for (home)office use. Wondering if a Celestee with an AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt connected to an iPad or Laptop would be decent set for that use case. And I could plug the Celestee into my Uniti Atom in the living room, too.

Looking forward to some reviews and experiences with the new Celestee …

They’re designed to be reasonably easy to drive, including via portable players etc. Some early reviews already up, and many more in pipeline - first UK review samples are out as we speak…

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I’ve got the AQ Cobalt from my laptop into Sennheiser HD 700’s for when I’m travelling (I dream!) and it is very good indeed.
Not up to my main head-fi rig, but still enjoyable and I think excellent value for money.

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