Focal Kanta 1 or PMC 25 23I

I was planning to go for Uniti Nova. There remains the choice of speakers … After having discarded the Spendor A4, I had fixed my choice on the PMC 25.23i

However, a promotional offer from Focal offers a Uniti Star set with the Focal Kanta 1 at an equivalent budget.

There is another offer for the Nova and the Focal Kanta 2 for a slightly higher budget. But these speakers are too big for my listening room

What do you think?

Can you try them?

The only thing you will get on the forum is:

  • Everyone with Focals will say go for the Kantas.
  • Everyone with PMCs will say go for the Twenty5s.
  • A bunch of people will suggest you try something else entirely (that they own).

So if you can demo them both great. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get consensus here. Focal and PMC don’t sound anything like each other.


Remember that the whole purpose of these offers is not to be nice, but to get you to buy what the company is offering. Presumably you had decided on the PMCs after a proper demonstration and that you’d concluded they are the best for you. If so you would be well advised to continue with the purchase. If on the other hand you’d picked the PMCs on spec and reviews alone you’d do well to try the options. Do be aware that the PMCs aren’t the easiest to drive and that the Nova would be near the edge of its limits.

I certainly wouldn’t lower your sights from the Nova to the Star. The Star isn’t as good and has functionality you presumably don’t need given that you’ve chosen the Nova.

I’m sure that if you were keen on Focals, your dealer could speak to Naim and put together an attractive package of Nova/Kanta 1. Just don’t be swayed by special offers - get what you really want.


I have focal Kanta 2 and tried PMC twenty26 - both sounded great in the demo room but when I got them home the PMC’s were an assault on my ears and the Kanta’s a thing of beauty

King here is a good relationship with your dealer to narrow down choice and a home demo.


I think that Focal Kanta 1 is very suitable for playing records. It reproduces the details of the sound clearly and perfectly without any sound impurities. The effect is great when used to play pure music and vocal songs. The reverberation of PMC 25 23I is very good, so I think it’s more suitable for playing rock and dance music.

Personally, I would like the Focal Kanta

I contacted the dealer. We planned a demo at home.
Thank for your answer


I listened the combination between the PMC 25 23i with the Uniti Star. I was masterful…

The seller was correct because he firstly offered me the combination with PMC.

When I told him about the Nova to have a more powerful amp; he proposed Focal’s offers.

We will organize a test at home

Another option offered was the xs3 with the NAIM ND5 XS 2 streamer but more expensive

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