Focal Kanta 2 :👍

Had a demo of Kanta 2 this week , I expected to be wowed by them. Dealer assured me before I listened that they were run in but they really were so bad that I cannot believe that they were run in- they were best described as muddy and closed ! Also listened to B+W 804d3 and Kef Ref3 at the same time- both were so much better than the Kanta 2 with the Kefs my Definite preference. Perhaps I need to demo Kanta 2’s elsewhere !

Have you had the opportunity to listen to PMC twenty5.26 as another option to the others?

There is replacement for the PMC 25. range…you will see a lot of ex demo ones on offer, could be some bargains.

PMC were on my long list , another local dealer stocks PMC/Focal/Kef so may try Demo there

I love the dedicated mid driver on my twenty5.26, so sweet sounding.

I was contemplating the Kudos 606 to pair with my Nova but their decision to put the price up by £1000 has put me off. I find that appalling.

So currently looking at the Sopra no 2 which I find more apppealing than the Kantas, especially in design. I’m sure sound-wise they will be just as good or better too.

I have to say though, it is rather refreshing to see a positive attitude toward the Focals in this forum. It wasn’t long ago since people were slaying the “sad robot” look and proclaiming Focals to be inferior to other brands.


I use Kanta 2’s with 552, 300, NDS and in my room they were very well matched, much better than the more expensive PMC 26’s, which sound great at my dealers but not so good in my home.

I have just moved house so my dealer is coming round this afternoon to help me set up - I hope they work as well in my new room as they did my old.

Aesthetics are an individual thing but I just love the look of the Kanta’s and they sound rather marvellous but as always home demos are required.


The Kantas are one of the few speakers that I like in non wood finishes eg the duck egg blue looks very smart.
However there was a pair in the dem room for a while in a multicoloured finish that was definitely marmite!


Wooh, that is some design! They would “blend in’ an old church under a stained glassed window :astonished:

Linn 520 in Omni Splatt perhaps?

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Psychedelic man!

First time I saw them I was aghast! But they were in the linkway for quite a while and my opinion changed to quite liking them. I think they were a one off, oddly enough!

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Perhaps I need to demo Kanta 2’s elsewhere !


I listened to Kanta 2’s at one dealer + nap 300 dr + ndx2 + nac282 + hicap + napsc. Was very impressed. At another dealer I compared a pair of (brand new) Kanta 2 to Sopra 2. The Kanta’s sounded truly awful. As you said, muddy and unclear imaging. Running in is really important for the bass and midrange on these speakers. Would never have bought them if that was the only experience I’d had.

The Dynaudio Evoke 50 might be worth a listen.

I have had Kanta 2’s for over a year and I agree they need a long time to run in but when
they are they are simply superb! so much more of everything, bass, soundstage, sweet mid range etc. But at least 6 months to get to their best.

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Focal Kanta 2 owner hear too, bought ex demo but took a little while to settle in, going through that process again as I moved last month.

Visually and sonically I love these speakers.

It’s interesting the things that are at play when demo ing speakers - are they run in, the room, furnishings, mood etc. That’s why it’s key to have a good dealer to help you through the process.


I am using the Focal Kanta 2 for more then a year now. The loudspeakers are part of a system composing of 252/SuperCapDr/300Dr/NDX2/555Dr.

I am very pleased with my Kanta’s even though I still need to get used to the looks: one likes or dislikes them, I believe. To my opinion the Kanta’s excel in authority and imaging. It’s like they really “master” my living room. They are also very easy on the ear. In the first two months I sometimes thought the treble (beryllium tweeter) was a little harsh, but that seems to be gone now. Apart from this I have no experience with overly long running-in times.

When I auditioned the Kanta’s, I brought it down to 4 candidates: KEF Reference 3, Sonus Faber Olympica II, Q Acoustics 500 and Focal. Speaker preference is per-definition very personal, but in the end chose between the Olympica’s and the Kanta’s. The latter were slighty more detailed and faster. By the way the match between Naim and Focal or Sonus is both superbly good (I thought Kef was a little less).

By far my best investment was to bring an expert to my house a month after I got the Kanta’s. This person has a HiFi high-end shop but does not have Naim nor Focal. He came to measure my room and help placing the Kanta’s. My initial positioning was changed quite a bit (now at least 40 cm from backwall and barily toe-in). This session was an eye-opener to me. It improved the sound significantly.

I use NACA5 as speaker cable. It is here where I hope to find a little extra in the future. I’d like to test with Chord or maybe even SL.

A few months ago I purchased the IsoAcoustics Gaia II isolators to use with the Kanta’s and they brought some great extra’s. Bass is more tight (I have a wooden floor) and detailing bettered quite a bit. I easily recommend these Gaia isolators.

I can easily recommend the Kanta’s. They are just very good to my opinion. Are the Focal’s my last and final speaker? Hmmmm, not sure … my ears always alert me when I hear the Sonus Faber Serafino’s or the stand-mount Electa Amator 3 … some day … maybe :slight_smile:



To pair with my Nova I listened to several speakers before deciding to home demo PMC 25.24, Proac D30RS, and Dynaudio Evoke 50. The latter were the best for me and am really enjoying them.


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