Focal Kanta 3

Beginning to look to upgrade my PMC Fact 8s which I have long loved but slight frustration with the lack of bass remains. Running off 252, Supercap DR, 250 dr, NDx 2, XPS. Read alot of good things about the above speakers and looking to audition but wondering if anyone has them - or heard them.


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I had good results coming from fact 8’s to Kanta 2’s …… But following a house move the Kanta’s were dreadful in my new home and the only thing I could get to work was ATC’s.

Point here is speaker and room interaction is king so worth doing a dealer demo to narrow it down it to 2 or 3 pairs and then do a home demo. Find your self a food dealer and go from there.

Good luck.

Or if you love you fact8’s consider a sub - the latest Rel range can really add something to the sound.

Thanks both, spoken to dealer about audition, v interesting idea about a sub. Will explore.

I always thoughts subs were for bass heads but not the case, they can add a real depth. You can even add a stereo pair of subs - check out Rel’s website.


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You may find a NAP300DR will resolve your lack of bass.

I was very surprised at the extra ‘heft’ when I upgraded from
a 250DR.


I had exactly the same thought — it’s so much easier than the pain of speaker search…

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The 300 is a better amp for sure but…… my experience is that speaker and room interaction trumps that upgrade from 250 to 300


I would look at Kudos as they go well with Naim.

I went for the 300DR over the 250DR for that very reason.

Just in case he gets a bit peckish whilst demo-ing, I suppose ?

Sorry, Gary, couldn’t resist… :grin:

Pesky typos!

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