Focal / Naim App - Server DB updates with USB changes

I am a new member and just acquired a Uniti Nova. When plugging in an external hard drive or memory card with music - the App does an initial build of the music database which is very cool.
My question is - how does the handle the removal of the memory card? Is it smart enough to detect the music is gone and update the database accordingly? What happens if you plug the memory card back with additional music? Is it smart enough to determine what’s changed and update accordingly? Or - do you just need to do a database rebuild every time you change usb / memory card inputs?

I think it does another database rebuild every time sadly.

Okay - so if I am dealing with a large quantity of music - best not to mess with the USB/Memory Card inputs very often.

To be honest, if I were dealing with a large music store I would be thinking about doing it differently. The Nova is great, but I would put the music onto something that can deliver it over the network to the Nova by upnp rather than an SD card.

A cheap and simple way to do that would be to have a Synergy or QNAP NAS (or I suggest anything other than Western Digital in fact) and run Asset upnp server on it. An even easier but more expensive option would be to use a Naim UnitiCore, which is what I do.

It is really funny that you mention Western Digital - I initially had a WD Elements connected and it worked fine for about a week - then one night the Nova stopped recognizing it and froze. I literally had to unplug the Nova to get it to reset and function correctly … not a happy experience. This happened again and I’ve since replaced that drive which might be defective ,with a smaller, USB WD Ultra and have not had any issues.
You are of course right - the Unity Core would be the best way to go. That will happen a bit down the line as the Nova and associated speakers was a hefty, albeit, great purchase.

Western Digital had a one week total outage recently that made all their NAS services, including home based ones, go offline. They handled it all totally incompetently apparently. I wouldn’t go near them, although their bare drives are supposed to be reliable.

On unplugging the Nova, if you want a full power off restart then you have to unplug it because the front panel button only puts it into deep sleep and leaves lots of stuff still powered up.

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They did indeed, and I couldn’t get to some of my data. Luckily I have a Synology NAS as well with music on so good advice above, I can second Synology as a good solution with Asset UPNP software loaded.

Appreciate both feedback - will look to moving to a Unity Core sometime soon.

One last question - do either of you notice the Nova will get “locked” up at times where the image of the last source playing is stuck on the screen, even if put in standby and you get no sound. Can’t exactly pinpoint the cause - seems like a time out issue if you leave it up after pausing playing from a source. Does not matter if you power on/off with remote, app from iphone/ipad, won’t disappear. It takes a little fiddling between closing / restarting apps to fix. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying for what is a fairly expensive piece of equipment.

No I have never seen anything like that at all, but I never look at the Nova screen. It’s in a side alcove in the room next door to where I listen to it. So I wouldn’t necessarily notice.

Okay - thanks. Appreciate all of your input.

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