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Good evening, all; I am a new Member, having joined in order, specifically, to ask this question, so I DO hope someone can help!
I have a ~10year old Naim Unitilite which has, very recently, been serviced & software updated by the Dealer. [I am also, now, ‘piggy-backing’ an Audiolab 6000 CDT CD Player (it being a cheaper option than the quoted cost of repair of the Unitilite’s CD mal-/non- functioning CD Tray! A common problem, I understand.)].

Anyway, while talking with the dealer, I was introduced to the Focal-Naim App, and loved it!

So, I’m now trying to set it up on my iPhone [I don’t have an iPad].

  1. I have successfully downloaded the App.
  2. Having then tapped “Setup new device”, my Model is not in the menu list - which is fair enough, given its age. So I go to the “Add Manually by IP Address” button, which then asks me to “Enter the IP address of the product you wish to add”.
  3. After some trauma {I’m not particularly IT-literate!} I DO locate the unit’s IP address {in Factory Settings}.
  4. HOWEVER, having entered that address, as requested, I get:

“No Product Found; We can’t find a Naim Product at {that address}. Please ensure the product is connected and try again.”

  1. Well, the Unitilite IS connected {and happily playing Internet Radio as I write} - SO, Advice/Guidance/Suggestions as to what I do now, PLEASE!!

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@Tony6969 It’s exactly as @robert_h drew your attention to. The Unitilite is the same as the other old Unitis. I have one here so I know!

The only other thing to say now is that you tap “Use existing device” instead of “Find my rooms” which is what Naim used to call it.

When you are in the ROOMS screen if your Unitilite isn’t listed then you can refresh that screen by pulling it down and letting go, the same way you refresh the email list in the iPhone Mail app.

If it still doesn’t work for you, post again here and we will help you debug it.


David - MANY thanks {and to Robert} for your efforts on my behalf, it is very much appreciated and I’m truly grateful. However, I think it best if I quit while I’m behind! I’m getting nowhere fast, and {at my age} I suspect I’m punching above my weight even thinking of trying to get to grips with the technology! I shall, henceforth, concentrate on enjoying my equipment, and the sound quality of the music, and forget about Apps! Nevertheless, I do thank you once again for your time, and extend my best wishes for Christmas and 2023.


Tony before you give up, give this a try. Have your Unitilite on and working.

Delete the Naim app and then re-install it. This way it forgets your attempt to add the IP address, which you don’t need to do.

But you don’t have to delete it. You could just continue as below.

Tap on the Naim app icon on your phone and you get the colourful startup screen. Tap where it says “Go to Naim Universe” then tap where it says “Use existing device” as in the screen shot Robert gave you above.

After a few seconds you should see a little photo of a Unitilite in a screen headed ROOMS and tap on that photo of the Unitilite. Now you should be in the home page of the Unitilite.

There is no setting up to do. It will just work.

How did it go?

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