Focal/Naim- Canada

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Michel and his team at Focal/Naim Canada. I just received my CDS3 back from them and they did not charge a cent! Excellent customer service and darn nice folks!


Can I ask why they were sent it?

The dealer will become crazy

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The magnet from puck jammed the mechanism. I thought it was ruined.

It’s good to read about good news and good service.

Great customer service indeed! There is no local dealer in my hometown so I ordered a Nova and Core from Audioeden, whom I had dealt with in the past. Two days later they arrived from Focal-Naim Canada nicely triple-boxed (including the Naim double box). Couldn’t have been happier!


I was was just at Audio eden on Wednesday ordering a Chord Mscaler, great place to deal with for sure.


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