Focal + Naim review in TAS

Hope this is OK

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What’s the speakers in this image? It’s neither a Sopra 1 nor 2?

Not sure. They do show pictures of a Statement- Grand Utopia system

I forgot that there are lots of stuff above Sopra that I don’t dare to look at :slight_smile: Probably one of those, a Scala Utopia Evo based on the chassis, I think

It’s not rocket science to see where things are going with Focal + Naim, changes in dealers, new stores……

It’s clear that things are changing, and it is not surprising. Details less so. The TAS article points out how they try not to offend the established dealers. Yeah, I know, NZ, but that’s not happening everywhere. Regarding the stores, well they are different, and flagship stores have been a thing for more than 20 years, and they do not always damage established dealers. Most of the time they are there to increase visibility in a way no single dealer can. And if they help, I am not opposed to a commercially healthy Focal-Naim

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There is a Focal powered by Naim store planned for NZ, in Christchurch. It will be interesting, I like the concept to a certain extent, but culturally, ours favour small local businesses and personal service - so I’d hope that is not lost.

I am a bit of a split mind. I also like my established dealer, and would not like it if I had to go to the flagship store suddenly. But I will visit the Berlin one - and have to, at least to audition as my dealer does not stock Focal speakers. Also there’s a Statement there :slight_smile: I see potential in it and also some dangers, here’s hoping they navigate it well

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I’m sure Vervent know the market and Naim will have the numbers of sales and profits by unit. I expect the Uniti and matched speaker / headphone and a new 272/Focal active combo would cover over 80% of the Naim market. Roll up to the store, with your budget range, listen and take home your choice. That’s the future.

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You mean Alpha Private Equity

I lived though the “ Olive “ to “ Reference “ change over, remember back then it started with the NAP 500 amp then the 5 series came then the pre amp and supply for the 500 series and CD 555.
After they filled in the classic ……… see a pattern ?
Statement - Muso’s - Uniti - ………… don’t want to start rumours but times are changing and it’s time for a change.


I feel naim has not been the same since focal bought them out. My dealer also states the same reasoning he’s moving more to JE Sugden best bit it’s still very :uk::uk: hand made in Yorkshire lad :wink::grinning:

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re the seperates the headline photo does show a seperates system - tho stacked oddly - but no sign of a fraim - perhaps it’s days are numbered?

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The horror!!! Stacking what looks like a ND555 on top of a NAC552!!! This is the future? LOL :slight_smile:


I have had a chance to accurately listen to a pair of Sopra 1s in a 252/300 system and to a pair of Diablo Utopia EVO (I must go beyond these names to continue taking the matter seriously…) in a full 500 system and, having never been a Focal fan, I’ll gladly admit that the Sopra 1 is a magnificent stand mount speaker system that will make any owner happy, and that costing about half its bigger sibling is, in relative terms and in just my opinion, an extraordinary buy.


Seems as though Naim and Focal is pulling an Apple Inc kind of business model.

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That’s good news Max, contradict my own experience so they will need another chance.
Doubt I will go as far as calling them an extraordinary buy.

I have removed some posts. I will repeat what i have stated before; posting unsubstantiated rumours will not be tolerated on the forum. They are rarely if ever accurate, possibly made with ill intent, and serve only to confuse and mislead. They have no place here. Thank you.



it contradicts my experience too, but I can’t avoid hearing what I hear (and only stupids never change their mind): I listened and I listened and there was not a single disc that wasn’t presented with the greatest clarity, perfect imaging, detail, breath; any recording became listenable to a very high degree of pleasure and immediacy; in my experience, the Sopra 1 is one of those rare components that enrich and renew an entire music collection.

Yes, I have had a bias against Focal - which I have been knowing well since the 90s - but I can’t help calling the Sopra 1s extraordinary speakers considering their size; and, what’s more important to me, they also confirm for good my opinion that a well designed two-way can make any multiple-drivers, floor stander redundant.



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