Focal - Repairs

Can anyone tell me if Naim now handle repairs of Focal ? It used to be SCV distributions but they no longer handle them.

Blimey. Have Naim started doing car repairs?


Sorry, error corrected.

According to the Focal website, you should contact your dealer if you need servicing or repairs. They will then get a quote and sort it out.

Yes, i have just sent my Focal Utopia headphones in for repair for the second time and has gone to the shop where i got them from. First time i sent them direct to SCV Distribution. But now the Focal Arche headphone amplifier has gone down, but this one is out it’s warrantee. I was just wondering if they send them of to Naim. Not having much luck with Focal.

Doubt they send a Focal item to naim. Can’t imagine they’d have the information/specific skills to fix. Afterall, they are not the OEM. Nor, why would they be intrested ( unless instructed to do so)
Personal experience of trying to get any sense out of Focal UK, it was hard work and resulted in very little. I think their UK operation is little more than a warehouse near the M25. My dealer ( naim and focal) struggled too.

Focal UK is hq’d in the Naim factory (all of one person!). You need to talk to Mike Smith.

It would be interesting to see how his high motivation translates into an efficient repair.

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He’s a nice chap! Joined in 2019?
Anyway you’re right, dealer contact is first.
But if no joy call up Naim and ask for Mike.
Actual repairs I think are handled in France.

I hope this is not going to turn out as a very expensive door stop. I will never buy anything Focal again.

It’s in fact made by micromega not focal. I suppose you could bypass focal and go direct.

Well if this is a software bug where people have to switch the unit on and off several times to make it connect, then they won’t deal with. It’s a well known bug and Focal are well aware of it, i have in the last 2 years gone deep into the company to get some answers, long story short they have washed their hands of it. But this may be a different fault.

“Highly motivated”

If it’s UK go via usual dealer who will process via Naim UK and ultimately handle it via Focal
in France.
I had to get replacement grills for my Focal in wall speakers (under warranty) and that took months to sort, their feedback/updates were sparse to say the least, even my dealer was miffed at how they handled it.
Things taking time due to parts supply etc is acceptable, it was the almost complete lack of feedback that was frustrating.
All sorted now but a lesson in customer care and in my case came with some critical feedback from myself and my dealer.

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Sorry, am I missing something?

It was a poke at the usual BS type of profiles that linkedin is riddled with. You can’t be motivated, you have to be highly motivated.

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I have a very high motivational velocity myself.


I know. Talking bollocks is a highly valued professional attribute in today’s bleeding edge environments.

I have yet to meet ( through interviews) any of these characters that match their profile. They have no shame getting taken apart at interview. BS ing chancers most of them. Nice people I’m sure, but charlatans non the less.

‘Mike Smith’ suggests that he forges microphones rather than headphones.