Focal - Repairs

Hopefully he is still Sarah too?

Jus curious I also have the focal utopia 2020 not the new model, what happened to your set two times?

After the first 3 months of owning them the left driver failed and they replaced both of them. Then a few days ago now the right driver has failed. I think my dealer is trying to get out to honor the guarantee saying it looks like they have been in a cold room and it looks like there is damp on them… it’s not damp.

I rarely use mine, but is good to know. I have read in other forums of focal utopia driver problems, I hope mine does not break, because repairs for sure are not cheap.

Focal knows this problem exists, they even mentioned that the new model is better in this respect and the new model has more reliable drivers. This is a way of assuming the old utopia is not very reliable, they should honor every repair for free.

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