Focal scala utopia iii evo bi amp setup

Any ideas if this could be bi-amped using 2x250dr and generally is it a good idea? I know that Naim doesn’t recommend bi amping and that 500dr or 2x300dr would be preferable but would 2x250dr work as an interim measure? Also any ideas how these speakers compare to the 808s?

Not sure about the bi-amping but I’m using these speakers with a (single) 500dr and like them very much. Lots of presence, energy, detail, 3D soundstage.

I listened to the Kudos 808 at the dealers store. They sounded ok but I wasn’t overly impressed. Unfortunately it was not possible to have a home demo for Kudos speakers where I live. However I had the Scalas at home for some time. So it may not be a ‘fair’ comparison. But i would definitely recommend the Scalas.

Hope this helps

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