Focal SM9 Active Studio Monitors - how to connect to Uniqute 2 or Atom

I’m looking to purchase FOCAL SM9 Active studio Monitors what would be the best way to connect to Naim Uniqute2 or Atom - they utilise balanced XLR connections? Thanks in advance…

Well you’ll just need RCA-XLR leads. But of course it won’t be balanced as RCA is not a balanced connector.

Neither the Atom or UQ2 like to drive long cables so you’d want the units to be between speakers with leads not longer than 3m in my opinion.

Many thanks for response, would I need to run the NAP100 or is this not needed as the Focal’s are active?

No, they are active. Out of interest why might you want them. They are studio speakers built to meet studio production demands rather than the enjoyment of music at home.

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