Focal Sopra 2 demo with New Classic

I just had a demo of Focal Sopra 2. The speakers were connected up to Naim ‘New Classic’ kit, NSC222 plus power supply and amp. I’ve read a lot of comments about ‘ear bleeding’ sound from the Beryllium tweeter, even more so when used with Naim.

Admittedly, it was a properly treated demo room, but I can only say that the sound was superb. I suppose ‘Holographic’ might be the word. Very detailed top end without excess sibilance, wonderful vocals and marvellous imaging. I didn’t demo any Classical music, as it’s not my thing, but had a good dose of everything else. I couldn’t fault the Sopra 2 at all. I suppose that it would not take any prisoners if the recording had issues and that some people might prefer a less analytical presentation, iff they are that way inclined.


Sopra’s are awesome with naim, i had some for a while, always used dynaudio in the past. i was that impressed with sopra when a pair of diablo utopia came up i bought them

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I have 1028be (Sopra 2 replaced them) for 5 years with 272/ XPSDR and 250DR, excellent speakers… not analytical but transparent, not colored which highlights the defects of elements and recordings… but when the balance is found it is superb!

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I have Sopra 2s and they have been perhaps the biggest upgrade I could have made to my system. They have plenty of power, great soundstage and are a quality, beautifully made speaker.


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