Focal Sopra 2 - subwoofer companion

How did you find 300 DR compared to NC 250 with the Sopras?

With respect to bass control the 300DR was better, but I liked the overall sound of the NC 250 more. The 350’s combine the best of these both amps and are the perfect partners for the Sopra’s.

Coming back to the old 250DR, I experienced that this amp was too light for the Sopra’s, the potential of the speakers was not fully utilised.


Thanks so much - I really appreciate your reply. Enjoy the Sopras - they are really great speakers.

Well I am planning to audition the Rel so I may ask to listen to the 300 series too.

I am worried you’re right and this will cost much more than a S-series REL…

Well I have tried some cables and I honestly cannot hear a significant difference. When I used to work at a HiFi store I even tried a bunch of cables from dirt cheap to quite expensive and I could not tell them apart.

I got some cables to try with the Sopra and also did not hearn anything consistent significant improvements.

So I am using stock cables except for the speaker cable. I invested a bit in QED reference. Just to make sure I am not missing out…

I changed the setup a little bit this is roughly it.


The S/510 is an excellent sub. It’ll definitely fill out the bottom and will also improve the soundstage.

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Which powerblock do you use?

Some powerblocks have good influence on the SQ and bass. I use the Furutech 609 and I have also heard good things about the Audioquest 1200, 5000 and 7000.

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No powerblocks in use. Just some good old extension cords and all.

This is how it’s setup now by the way. :slight_smile:


Ok, understand. I would have thought a Powerline or equivalent quality power cable on each box would have given you a decent amount of bass ummmph and control.

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