Focal sopra

Congratulations for your Sopra 2. I have a similar system though my source is NDS/555DR. I prefer toe-in directly pointing to my shoulders. I find that the twitter response is better on-axis. They are fantastic speakers, very coherent and detailed. I love them! I posted a picture before.

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I love Focal’s take on speaker aesthetics and have been admiring them from a distance for
a while now. I find the Sopras particularly appealing and will likely get a pair at some point in the future. I’m kind of burned out on the traditional speaker colors so the orange is right up my alley. But for now my Ovators sound quite good. Congrats on your purchase!

It’s always a really satisfying moment when a system ‘comes together’. The key sign is that interest in hifi components drops away because you’re spending so much time enjoying music. It sounds like you’re at that point. Congratulations and keep on enjoying your fine system.


amazing you nearly bought the A3 , i heard them in London at the UK premiere

I am a huge fan of focal having had the 1028be and diablo utopia . but afraid i heard a sopra 3 with a sn2 and it was like listening to concorde …loud brash and tolerable for a few mins only !!!

I also think they sound better with the spikes

I also think they sound better with the spikes to the timber floor itself without the floor protector discs.

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Not my cup

Amazing that I considered the A3, or amazing that I didn’t pick them over the Sopra?

I see the Sopra N2 now has a list price of £11,999!


Yes, unfortunately there are a few frequent old-school Naim police on the forum who can’t help themselves. It happens with mains power and Fraims a lot too I’ve noticed. And the revered 272.


amazing you nearly bought the a3 , i didn`t think they were that well known

Awesome choice. Enjoy!

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Quite happy with my Fact 12’s thank you!

And so you should be!

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Harkmoon. Congratulations on your purchase.
I bought a pair of Sopra No.2 a few years ago when they were first launched and absolutely love them. The sound is so real and insightful. And their contemporary design makes some other speaker designs look well . . . boxy. Enjoy.


Hi, Thanks they are absolutely brilliant once they are set up properly, I am two weeks with them now and they bring pure joy every time I listen.


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I’ve been loving my Sopra No2’s since 2015, their reproduction is so real and musical. In fact the only speakers I’d ever consider changing them for would be a pair of Focal Scala V2 Utopia’s. Which are almost 3 times the price . . .
Enjoy your fabulous speakers and believe me they will only sound better and better as time goes on . . .

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They are very special i have similar system… but without 555ps which should be big step-up from my current xps non dr.