Focal Utopia headphones + Archie Amp

If you have utopia headphones and you want the archie amp Focal will do a discount on the amp. If you go to their site you will see the discount is $1000 or 800 euros (no £), you get a discount voucher from focal when you fill in the request. I asked a dealer if they would honour the discount and they said they would not, that doesn’t seem fair does it ? I sent a message to focal about this and am awaiting their reply.

If you read the t’s and c’s here there is a list of participating shops.

Looking at the UK, it does appear to be all dealers. Perhaps the one you tried is not aware of this offer??

Hi robert_h, the dealer was aware of the deal after i mentioned it and they said they would not honour it and said Focal should’ve put dealers on the list who are not participating in it, so it might just be them. If Focal reply to my e-mail with some answer i’ll let you know.

Mind you I am a bit suspicious as the savings we’re in dollars and euros, nothing about pounds. If they are being prejudiced against the UK they have lost themselves a sale, we shall see.

Looks like a good time to get a new dealer who offers their customer’s good deals when available from the manufacturer…

I have a reply from Focal and they said… “Any retailer who currently carries Clear, Stellia or Utopia headphones can supply you. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble finding one.
Are you able to share with me who has said they cannot except it ? Then I can advise them on how the promotion works.” A result, at least they got back to me pretty quickly.

Slightly off topic. I just bought Focal Clear headphones. I am using them with the headphone jack on my SN2, and it sounds really good!

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