What size rooms are people using focal sopra 2 in and any issue with them.?

Fortunately I am able to have a dedicated listening room, it’s approximately 15 x 15… I use GIK acoustic panels which work extremely well…

All I can say is the Focal Sopra 2’s sound absolutely superb…I have been extremely happy with them, obviously with all speakers positioning is important, so that needs to be right and of course is very much room dependent…

Hi thanks for reply is that 15 foot?.

I bet it’s not yards😄

6m x 4.4 to 5.5m. Very happy and they are set nearly 90cm into room and asymmetric relative to side walls which are shorter to suite our lounge arrangement.


Yes it is, I still tend to work in feet and inches :grin:

I have the Sopra No.3’s, purchased a pair after listening to B&W 802’s, KEF Reference 5’s. All I can say about the Focals is wow, they are great, much preferred over the other brands. I’m sure the No. 2’s are great, enjoy.

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I use my Sopra 2 in a room 5,5 m x 8 m - playing across the room - best speaker I have ever had home - and there have been many…

Don’t worry about what others are doing, concentrate on getting the best out of your own system.

I am sure many members systems shouldn’t work on paper but they do.

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