Folder / File Structure for External USB Drive?

OK, so it has to be FAT 32 formatted, but is there any specific folder structure that the ND5 expects to see? or is it just 1 Folder = 1 album?



You can do anything I believe, but by convention it’s artist/album name/music files. And yes one folder per album, so there could be many album folders in an artist folder.

It’s much easier to maintain if you use one consistent approach obviously. You will find whole threads on this topic where people with metadata OCD have hung out!


I use genre/album artist/album. This reflects the way I choose what I want to listen to. Very useful where indexing is not available. For instance I have started to use the iOS Files app (plus a third party player app) to play music on an external drive connected to my iDevices.


Sounds like my kinda place!!!

Thanks, David and JE :+1:

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