Folder view

How come the folder view is not in the new naim app??
I have a uniti core and miss it very much. Had a uniti serve and the old app
“n-Seve” had folder view. My core now does not show the file structure as is on my root.
The new app has only albums and interprets as choice. It sorts the files and puts al lot of them in a folder called “various” - in my case storing about 5000 cds it puts about 1000 cds in the various folder. This is very anoying since all my cds are filed with correct interpret and title of the cd.
Please let us have “folder view” back on your next update.

Hi ash

Welcome to the forum. If you want to make a suggestion to Naim then you should do it via the feedback option in the app because Naim don’t routinely read this forum and they might miss it.


Hi David…thanks will do…regards ash!

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