Folk on Foot - Live Sunday 14th 2pm

Another potentially great live (on Folk on Foot YouTube) event, from a range of top rated folk artists. The theme is ‘Festival of Love’ for Valentines Day. Also a chance to donate to artists currently struggling to put on any shows.


A link might help?

Try here Mike.
I watched their bank holiday festival last year, really well produced and put together, streamed from laptop to Nd555 it had surprisingly good SQ, and the music was excellent. I even ordered and proudly wear the festival t-shirt.

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thank you - now playing Kitty Macfarlane thanks to following the link - beautiful voice

Hi, Actual event is live stream on YouTube. Lots of links to older ‘festivals’ and promos etc. currently on Folk on Foot YouTube pages. Should be a new link at 2pm tomorrow for live show. I think artists are playing three love songs each. Lasts six hours so refreshments may be needed…

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