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As a bit of a foodie and keen amateur cook I’m always on the hunt for a decent TV series to get my teeth stuck into which doesn’t involve celebrity chefs. This is because I’ve seen them all and with the exception of Keith Floyd (who was as entertaining as he was a good cook), I’m a bit tired of the format.
This week I started watching “Searching for Italy” which is a 6 part tour of Italy on iPlayer hosted by the excellent Stanley Tucci, it really is pretty good and I’m wondering if any other like-minded Forum members have recommendations for any other shows which might be worth checking out?


Watched this earlier in the year. Superb show.
We actually went to some of the places he did when Italy in June.

I am really enjoying it, I think he’s a superb presenter - entertaining and no ego, it’s all about the food, the culture, the history and the people. I’m most envious of your Italian trip, I hope the places you visited lived up to their reputation.

Yes that series was excellent.

If you are enjoying 'Searching For Italy, then his book is in the same vein. We’ve loved the series and it became a bit of comfort TV. We are such infrequent TV watchers I can’t suggest similar I’m afraid.


Thanks BruceW, I’ll dig that out online.

They did, mostly.
We were there for most of June, visiting in order, Florence, Luca, Piza, Bologna, Maranello & Modena, Verona & finishing in Milan.
We went for the Opera, Museums, Galleries & FOOD.
Only disappointment was Bologna, but that’s a busy University City that was jammed with very loud and unruly young people🤷🏻‍♂️
The rest of the trip was amazing.

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Most food programmes these days seem to have very little to do with food, and everything to do with celebrity culture, and I find most of them uninteresting.
I remember the BBC series from the likes of Delia Smith and Madhur Jaffrey which were intended to teach you how to cook, and had plenty of useful and interesting background information about ingredients, food culture etc. I still occasionally use the books from these TV series today.


I haven’t seen the TV series but really enjoyed reading Taste this summer.

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Just ordered this, on offer at The Big River.

Five squid?


I find the Stanley Tucci authorship a bit too rich for my liking - although very informative.

Vito the Neapolitan pizza guru is on another level.
Always so passionate. “I was born in a pizza”
Plenty on YouTube to watch.

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Great recommendation. Started watching this tonight and we’re really enjoying it.


Liked his book, but never saw any of his tv.

I think his second series starts tonight on BBC2


Great spot, thank you.
I hadn’t even realised they were doing a second series, never mind it starting tonight. :+1:t3:


Yes the Tucci program is lovely. Looking forward to the second series.

I’ve seen a few of Anthony Bourdain’s programs. Less beautiful to look at and he doesn’t always find the most amazing food in the world like Stanley seems to but really enjoyable. A sad loss

The best straight cooking program would be any of the ones done by Simon Hopkinson. I think he had one on BBC2 and one on C4. Not sure if they are on iPlayer etc. He’s just the best cook


I have just started reading this, after picking it up in my favourite bookshop in Ely on Thursday.
Barely begun and laughing already. I think I’m really going to enjoy this book😂


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