Football Season 2019/20

Ross played most of his football as a centre back but for some reason, Steven Gerrard thought him a better fit as a holding midfielder, then proceeded to sign 2 other players for the same role!
Be very interested to see how McCrorie is used at Pompey

I think Lamps will be OK, unless we’re in relegation zone.

OK no Hazard now but decent enough squad with younger players willing to work hard it seems. Only downside is lack of proper goal scorer and our best youngsters RLC and CHO will be out injured for sometime yet. Tammy Abraham will get chance to show if he’s up to Prem quality. Defensively we should be better as I assume Kante will be back playing where he should and Rudiger looks strong, if fit, and Kepa has Prem experience behind him now.

Old timers Willian and Pedro will need to step up again in midfield, I assume Barkley will get more games, kovacic and Jorginho can squabble for a place vs Mason Mount and Ampadu and Reece James will be brought in gradually to straddle the defensive lines. And we have Pulisic with a point to prove.

I’m optimistic.

With good reason, Jamie. Hazard will be a big miss but with a Lamps ‘bounce’ and a likely more free-flowing style where Kante is given freedom I fully expect Chelsea to be up there in the PL once again.

Hope so, I never took to Sarri and although we had a good start last year points wise, the luck went our way in a lot of those games. The team seems to at least be there or thereabouts whoever is in charge so fingers crossed!

From Rafa Benitez to Steve Bruce: that’s some fall from grace for the Barcodes!


At least Brucie will be able to match Ashley in the ‘who ate all the pies?’ contest :wink:



I’m afraid at Newcastle that award was already won by Micky Quinn!


Fingers crossed that we can land Sébastien Haller from Eintracht - looks to be a fantastic player.

Getting such a quality striker to sign for us would be a real statement of intent by the Dildos; as well as signalling Pellers’ pulling power as a manager…

Well after a pretty decent start to pre season and some really good performance by some Young Gunners beating Bayern Munich and Fiorentina and losing to Real Madrid on penalties Arsenal have finally signed some real talent in Dani Cebalos & William Saliba.

Yes Cebalos only comes on a season long lone from Real Madrid but European U21 player of the tournament who helped Spain win the tournament is world class and will be a great addition hopefully filling Arron Ramsey’s boots for next season.

William Saliba will return to his club St Ettiene next season but he has signed a 5 year deal with us and shows real long term future planning.

Let’s hope more signings are around the corner.

1 Man City
2 Liverpool
3 Arsenal
4 Chelsea.
Man City

Hey Bob, sorry to go off topic but I noticed your thread has disappeared overnight (for me anyway). A pity as it was a worthy question which I was about to enter until a post from what appeared to be god turned up, claiming everything was someone else fault and he was always right. Did it get ugly and our moderator step in.

Sorry guys, just curious unfortunately we’re asleep when this site is most active, back to football :grin:

Just a shout that Frank Lampard’s Chelsea beat Barcelona a couple of days back and won a rather splendid trophy after doing so😃

And it does look like my thoughts about the team posted above are quite near the mark, bar Ampadu who is getting a year in Germany.

Basically yes although I missed 90% of it and yes it was a shame Pete but sadly quite predictable.

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I think you will do well under Frank Lampard and will definetly get top four finishing above both Spurs and Man U and it will be a toss up between Arsenal and Chelsea for 3rd and 4th.

Been there. Done that.



My predictions - don’t worry I’m usually wrong. I’ve gone for the teams I found worth watching on Sky Sports last year. I thought most matches pretty dull. I’m not a Wolves supporter, but it’d be good to see another team do a Leicester and upset the apple cart and they do entertain.

1 Wolves
2 Man City
3 Spurs
4 Liverpool

Relegated: Southampton, Sheffield United and Norwich

Promoted from League Two: Forest Green Rovers. Might be wishful thinking that the Vegan Army will reach the dizzy heights of league one, but then I never believed they’d make the football league.

If the news coming out of Italy this morning is to be believed then it’s a great signing for Arsenal, Napoli have confirmed that the rumours published yesterday are true and that Nicolas Pepe has agreed to sign for Arsenal in a club record signing of £72 million.
Of course until Arsenal officially announce it, it is not 100% but I’m keeping my fingers crossed an attack of Dani Ceballos, Nicolas Pepe, Alexander Lacazette and Aubameyang sounds special.
All we need now is a defence that doesn’t leak like a sieve as our attacking ability wasn’t the issue but it looks like the Kieran Tierney transfer is back on and with Bellerin and Holding to come back if we can make it through until then I’m sure top four is possible.

Hey Bob. I like Arsenal, but I’m not happy about losing Tierney. That’s the first signing Arsenal will have made from the Bhoys since Charlie Nick, isn’t it?

Yes it is and we loved Champagne Charlie and still do a legend. I suppose it’s small consolation but at a club like Arsenal Kieran will get playing time right from the off and will be given tne chance to achieve his real potential.

Just watched Arsenal loose 2-1 to Lyon in the Emirates Cup and our two new signings impressed especially Dani Ceballos but also the young Brazillian Martinelli who had a goal ruled off side. Can’t wait for the season to kick off.