Football Season 2020 - 2021

It’s a bit early I know as because of this very strange year both the 2019-2020
Europa League and Champions League are still going whilst at the same time the 2020 - 2021 Scottish Premier League has started so lots to discuss, brave early predictions and all the comings and goings in the transfer market.

I’m going to stick my neck right out and predict a top four finish for Mikel Arteta’s Red and White Army I can’t wait for the Charity Shield against Liverpool on the 28th of August which is something I’d have been dreading 8 months ago.

It looks like the Willian transfer from Chelsea to Arsenal is to be announced this week after the Brazil attacking midfielder passed a medical at the Emirates.

If so it’s a great signing with no fee changing hands and just the players wages to pay rumours are that Arteta sees Willian as an attacking centre midfielder filling a creative void for Arsenal in the no 10 position.

It’s the position Willian played before joining Chelsea and with seven years Premier League experience under his belt it looks a great signing for us every Chelsea fan I’ve spoken to is not happy at all at the prospect of him joining us.

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He will be missed

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Premier League 2020 / 2021 full fixture list.

Liverpool vs Leeds week 1

Welcome to The Prem!


Arsenal have Liverpool & Man City within the first five matches.

If we’re going for predictions, I reckon that unless Brendan gets a grip Leicester will continue the poor form that’s been prevalent since Christmas and find themselves in a relegation spat, with Rodgers being invited to leave by this coming Christmas unless he sorts it out. The excuse of a few injuries doesn’t wash. All clubs have injured players, not many go from closest title challengers in December to relegation form from January onwards.

I like BR and see him as a good fit for a club of Leicester’s size and ambition, but the owners won’t entertain relegation. Just ask Ranieri.

We wouldn’t have it any other way :rofl:


Hey, Jurgen, watch, and learn, from The Master. :crossed_fingers: :smirk:

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I have a lot of time for Leeds United we (Arsenal) played them in the FA Cup just gone and I think they will surprise a few teams this season.


Hope so. I’ve put three of them in my FFL team.

I was surprised to see Chelsea let him go, especially to a local rival. I’ve always rated Willian and think he’l do well with the Gunners. I can only think that there’s a bit of bad feeling behind the scenes. Lampard seemed rather indifferent about Willian’s departure. The prospect of securing the excellent Chilwell will no doubt compensate.

Don’t bank on it. I noticed a comment yesterday under his transfer story in The Telegraph, a Chelsea fan noting that it was “slightly concerning that so many Leicester fans appear to be unbothered by his potential departure.”, and a Leicester fan saying “Great going forward, semi-liability defending. I’ll take the money quoted thanks very much…”

I agree. He showed a lot of promise when he made his way into the first team but I’ve seen too many below par displays from him to rate him as a must-keep. Maybe Lamps can improve his game and being surrounded by better players at Chelsea will raise his own level of expectation, but I don’t think his departure will be a massive blow to Leicester. Much like Maguire leaving last year for an astonishing fee didn’t cause much of a problem. Let’s not forget too that last summer and the season before that when he wasn’t so well established, Chilwell was angling for a move away to a bigger club. Liverpool was his preferred target then. Good luck to him, and let’s hope it works out for better for him than Drinkwater’s move to Chelsea did.

In the meantime like the guy above, £50m or thereabouts will do nicely thank you.

A huge signing for the Gunners if it does come off a left sided central defender Gabriel Magalhaes currently of Lille will be the perfect partner for the incoming young French centre back William Saliba who we signed last summer with an agreement that he spent the 2019/2020 season with former club St Etienne.

Brazilian Gabriel will join compatriots David Luiz, Gabriel Martinelli, newly signed Willian and former Invincible Edu at Arsenal in what should hopefully be a very successful 2020/2021 season with possibly be a return to the Champions League.

Just lie to say well done EUFA selling the biggest match of the year to the smaller satellite TV channel.

A shame it is not available on BBC or ITV

Wasn’t aware CL final wasn’t on ITV as usual IMO certain sporting events should be available free of charge to all especially this year.

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It’s a repeat of Midsomer Murders

Not even sure if it’s John Nettles…

Oh dear

Perhaps Neymar will do his dying swan routine!

It’s a UEFA enforced contractual obligation to show both European finals free, BT will make it available on their YouTube channel as they have done the last few years.

It hasn’t been on ITV for a few years now.