Football Season 2021 - 2022

Well a little early I know but I’ve a feeling due to the Euros this year that some early transfer dealing will be happening the window opens up on Wednesday June 9th two days before they start.

So who are you hoping to get and in what positions?

Blimey Bob, you don’t hang around.

The long drawn out saga of Ibrahima Konate which means Kabak will not be a Liverpool player next season, although he did very well under the difficult circumstances. And he showed enough to be on the radar of other Prem teams, so he may well get picked up.

Next Seasons CB.

Nat Philips
Joel Matip.

I am very happy with that lot, plus Gomez can play at right back when needed.

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By far the most crucial signing for The Mighty Whites is a new contract for Marcelo Bielsa, in whom we trust.



I love the transfer window .

We need a back up keeper and a back up left back, a right back, a right sided centre back (if William Saliba doesn’t return) a defensive midfielder and Martin Odegaard to stay.

Mat Ryan is returning to Brighton and Ceballos to Real Madrid and I think we will look to sell Guendouzi, Nketia and Lucas Torreria plus Willian will leave .

“This team needs an enema”, paraphrasing Jack Nicholson’s Jocker in that (rubbish) Batman film. :wink:

I know they performed badly but injecting liquid or gas into their collective rectum is a bit harsh.


«gas» is that how they do it these days, not Helium I hope?

So Carlo has abandoned the Toffees, I wasn’t expecting that…or the Spanish, you know what.

Ha ha ha! I’ve no idea I googled it.

Nor me but it makes sense to steady the ship a bit at Real though I suspect he’s not their long term solution. It does leave Everton in the proverbial though I can’t see anyone of his quality going there.

Bit worried that Spuds are signing a proper manager who wins stuff…

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What John Travolta They will cure him of that soon enough.

Not a chance - not whilst Lord Baldemort is in charge

Next year’s trophy winning managers , Pep, Jurgen & Ole pick two out of three

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Spurs no longer talking to Conte apparently.

I assume he had a look, had a chat and didn’t like much.


As a non Spurs supporter I suspect Conte would only take the job if Levy could guarantee Kane would be there next season.

Without him any new manager will be on a hiding to nothing.

Mind you, with my Norwich hat on, I have to say that Kane was the worst centre forward we have ever had, seriously.

Granted he has improved a bit since & would be a good understudy for Pukki…


I’m hoping we can equal or better our unexpectedly good performance in 20/21. Just renewed my season ticket. So 6th - I hope :face_with_monocle:

One thing we can all be sure of, and that is that the Spuds will win nothing.

I was hoping we’d keep Emi Buendia but it appears he’s off to Villa.
My hope now is that Delia sells up and we get a premiership standard owner.

How can a club be considered for the Super Champion’s League (or whatever ?) and not won anything for fifteen years?

I suppose the “Super” League needed a cannon fodder club, and the Spuds fitted the bill nicely.

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