For CDS3 plus 555PS or 555PS DR

Does 555ps dr do a lot more than 555ps on CDS3? Or can I say is there a huge step from 555ps to 555ps dr? Does non-dr items are more suitable for previous models? Thanks!

On another thread recently someone contacted Naim about using either an Xps dr or a 555ps on a Naim product…they were recommended the Xps dr? Based on that the 555 ps dr would be the way to go if funds allowed. Perhaps others have tried themselves.

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A cynic might suggest Naim have a vested interest in advocating a current product which can be purchased new over a discontinued product which would need to be a used unit.

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Yes this was me. Naim technical came back to me seeking further internal advice.
The advice was it was a close call between a non DR 555 and a XPS DR but they said the XPS with the DR is superior.
A 555DR obviously is far superior to an XPS DR.

DR is a big upgrade on anything non DR.

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Hi Desmond,
DR is a bit smoother and even more “sit back & just immerse yourself in the music”. Absolutely lovely.

This having tried our CDS3 with an XPS2 (too polite for our taste), followed by about 8 years of CDS3/555PS, then having the 555PS serviced & DR’ed.

It’s not a “night & day” or “made the old set up sound broken” style of improvement. It’s incrementally better. So I would simply get a 555PS, then upgrade to DR as and when it’s due a service.

Don’t believe the 15 years to a service recommendation for a minute though. Personal experience says circa 7 years for our olive or CB kit and 8-10 years for the 555PS is about right for our cloth ears.

Hope this helps, BF

£500 for a Naim 555DR service tho and about £2500 for DR and service. :flushed:

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CDS3 with 555DR is about as good as CD replay gets unless you seek out a CD555!




Thanks! Seems like DR can make things moving to another level. I had XPS DR for a very short period but I had a feeling that it is not as musical as the non-DR version. But it could be it was not fully run-in

I am now owning a 14 year-old 555PS non-DR and just had it serviced by Naim, still on the way back to me. I thought about DRed but finally it is a huge budget to me, so I am curious about the difference.

I just had my non-DR 555PS serviced and I am also looking forward to seeing the difference. It is too expensive for me to DR upgrade

Do you think CD3/555PS combo can reach which CD player from other brands?

Too expensive for me…

On a CDS3, most said that a 555 ps is better, powering both circuits, vs Xps or Xpsdr.

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FWIW I tried a 555PS on my old 272 and it simply didn’t deliver. The XPSDR was much better.

Naim may actually be right. Who could have guessed?


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