For Raspberry Pi Lovers - remote controll with Naim remote

Some time ago I built my own streamer based on Raspberry Pi4 2GB, Audiophonics I-Sabre 9038Q2M DAC and linear power supply Tomanek ULPS Mini (polish manufacturer). My OS system is the newest version of Moode Audio. Recently I came across and article about pairing any remote control with Raspberry. I decided to check if I could do it with the Naim Narcom 5 remote from my Nait XS2 and yes! It works! It works perfectly with stationary files such as flacs on hard drive or NAS. Unfortunately it does not work with Spotify (I do not know what about Tidal), but I mainly use files from my private record colletion so it isn`t a big problem for me. You can mainly play/pause/stop the track or change it to next or previous one, but there are also some other options.

If anyone is interested, all You need is a cheap IR receiver (for Narcom 5 remote You will need a 36kHz compatible receiver), a few cables and some time :slight_smile: All You do is work on scripts in Rasbperry, which was a dark magic as for me before I started, but it all comes down to copying and pasting commands.

Here You can find tutorials explaining how to do everything:

  1. Step by step guide for using IR remote with moOde - this tutorial doesn`t work with newest kernel version so You will need a patch from the 2nd link bellow and You have to skip a few first steps from this link
  2. Using LIRC with kernel 4.19.X and gpio-ir - patch

I used WinSCP software for file and folder management, and PuTTY software for installation of updates and applying commands. In WinSCP You will have to give root permition (tutorials can be easily found in the net). Login to raspberry SSH when it comes to Moode OS is “pi”, and the password is “moodeaudio”.

Here are some picks of my streamer. It is not finished yet, I am waiting for Audiophonics PI-SPC V2 Power Management Module to soft shutdown, hard shutdown and to power on my Raspberry with a monostable buton. Also the IR receiver will be hidden somewhere (I don`t know where yet) and connected in a different way.

I guess it would be a good use of time during coronavirus lockdown :slight_smile: Have fun!

Edit: I can not paste in pics of my streamer. Something deosn`t work properly, so here is a link to the Google Cloud: My Raspberry Pi based streamer


I’m guessing that is a Boss dac hat on it of some sort. I’ve built many pi’s but not with all the bells like yours, great job.

Reread, hmmm, Audiophonics dac, not heard of that one.

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Thank You very much. Actually it is not Allo Boss DAC if I understood You correctly :slight_smile: I have used Allo Boss, but I have changed it to Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre 9038Q2M and this DAC is placed on the left from Raspberry Pi, which has a passive heat sink on it. RPi and Audiophonics are connected with an old 40pin IDE tape.
Edit: Well it`s a great DAC i must admit, worth to try :slight_smile:

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