For the first time ever

…I don’t want to change anything.

Yesterday I went to the Kudos demonstration of “active” Naim configurations with Kudos speakers. As ever a very enjoyable day and no doubt increasing your amplification will enhance your listening providing everything else is properly set-up/in balance etc.

Now normally I come away from these sessions thinking “I’d quite like to do that…” but on the last few occasions I have concluded it might be an improvement but not such that I’m in anyway inclined to make a change. In fact the opposite in that when I get home and put my own system on it just feels right.

Okay, so if you can’t be content with this level of investment then something is seriously not right and after a few months I might decide to try the Titan 505s but for now it’s all good.

Still buying records though:sunglasses:




Don’t worry Lindsay, you will soon be back to your normal self :sunglasses:


Can’t knock that Lindsay, you are in a good place and enjoying your music. Nuff said.

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Sunday lunch a glass or two, and my wife and me reminiscing…60th for me next month. We used to do a concert in the evening after a shop in London at the many records stores like Virgin et al. I was paying £15 or even more 35 years ago. Now buying at much less than this from new, let alone poundland.
If you are content with the sound of a system and “new” is not engaging you. Thats not a bad place to be. Its the music, first and last.

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60th! I remember being that young, but only vaguely.
Enjoy anyway


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You look younger than me, and your Core knowledge is exemplary😉


60 Gazza?..never…I don’t believe it!

Many happy returns.

Listening to BB King blues band sounding mighty good. Away for a few nights in August, life is good


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