For the love of the Violin

A lovely podcast episode about capturing the sound of ancient Stradivari for posterity.

Heartening in these difficult times.

And it got me thinking: can you give your favourite solo violin recordings so that we may compile a list for us all to enjoy?


Difficult… If I had to choose but one I’d pick Victoria Mullova, Bach sonatas and partitas


Alfredo Campoli playing the Tchaikovsky.

He described it to my friend who knew him as ‘…a bit of a boxing match…’ but it’s wonderfully lyrical.


I’d probably agree with ClaudeP, but if not there is a fantastic Nathan Milstein recital disc I love. I don’t often like single movements played out of the context of the full piece, but this recital works for me, and it has my favourite ever Chaconne from Partita No. 2.

I found the same recording on a different labelon discogs as Ermitage 107 ADD, couldn’t find this aura press there, I did see this version on sale used on U.K. Amazon last year.

Not strictly solo…but Hugh Bean The Lark Ascending by RVW gets my soul going, every time ever since I first heard it as a callow youth…
I had it played at my Mum’s funeral…she would have approved. Music that takes one to higher places, literally :slight_smile:

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