Force a firmware update to an NDX2?

Hi, I have an NDX 2 on demo from my local dealer. So far very impressed with it using Tidal, but just signed up for a Qobuz trial to compare and I can’t get Qobuz native.

The machine is running firmware 3.0.0 and says it’s up to date which is of course nonsense! This is true whether accessed via the app or directly on the machine. I did a factory reset and still no change!

Does anyone know how I can force a firmware update and get Qobuz native running?


Have you enable Qobuz on the input settings?

You can’t enable it as an input on the old firmware, which I can’t update!

I’d give Naim a call in the am.

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Strange I had a NDX2 on loan about three months ago whilst my ND5555 was away for repair and I could enable Qobuz OK on the loan unit?

It can’t work on Qobuz on that old firmware. I think ring Naim support.

Try the ‘check for updates’ option in the app settings a few times. Sometimes it takes a few attempts before it finds that there’s a new version.
If that doesn’t work you may need to contact Naim support or your dealer get it to update from such an old version.

Thanks all. I messaged Naim yesterday, but have had no response as yet. Is the support phone number on the webpage?

At the bottom of

Might be having issues connecting home. Maybe a dns issue. Try restarting your network gear and see if it helps it connect.

I would speak with your dealer or else give Naim tech support a call this morning.

Spoke with Naim today and it turns out the machine I have on demo is a pre-production model and therefore needs to go back to the factory for the firmware to be updated.

Oh well.

I’m totally taken by the NDX 2 so will need to wait to trial Qobuz against Tidal when my production unit inevitably arrives :wink:

Thanks for your help though


Seems a bit strange of the dealer to loan out a unit for demo when it lacks significant functionality?

And being pre production, what else does that mean? Apart from being at least 2 years old?

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