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Hi David,

Glad to hear your problem has been resolved, I guess it was one of those things that just worked itself out over time! If you have any other issues please let us know.

Many thanks


I’m finding the archive search returns no result for whatever I throw at it.


FZ, at the moment the search is fairly basic and looks at the thread title only, so if the search word you are using is not found in any thread title then it won’t come back with a result.


Great to see it available, as it is quite a resource.

I’ve just had a quick look - and whilst it is infinitely better as it is than not being there at all, searching is rather limited: It seems to search only thread names, and only for the specific phrase entered. And it seems it can’t search by member name (unless in the title of a thread)

Can the search be improved, please, when someone has a chance? In particular, any possibility of adding the ability to add more search teams, like several key words not necessarily the specific phrase, and to search by person starting the thread, maybe generally search by person generally, and to have exclusions (‘not’)?
Filtering like by date would be useful, but maybe less necessary.

Thank you in hopeful anticipation!


IB, if you look at the post from Naimadmin from last week, the stated intention is to improve the search function at some point in the future.


Thanks Richard.

I stumbled across the thread thinking it had only just appeared and went to look immediately, and didn’t think to look through the thread for responses before posting.


Thank you Richard.