Forum average age

How old are you lot.?
Do you need glasses to read this…no oh you had you grand son change it to large font.
Do we have some 20 years olds here? or are they at the “live gigs”getting the olive/mana sound” drinking beer looking at girls and just loving life, remember that?
Some of you are at home critiquing your new nd555 to see how Analog it sounds and you have your vinyl in the cupboard!. You post number 3408 to the thread that it’s so close to analog Sounding…?..?
I would be interested to know the average age here and is there actually some kind of future for naim and young naim owners . Because I think it’s getting rather snobby for them. Remember the roots remember the live sound, remember the floors and most of all the “what JV was all about” Linn went one direction and naim went the other.
Muso for entry level or modernised nait 3 with Bluetooth for entry level. Nice little speaker for the first flat, smoking hash, drink beer, come remember your roots. Got to get the young people involved or no naim future when we are all kicking up daisies.

Wot about a poll?

Did this new forum application have an age group box to tick?

If so the statistics should be known to naim, perhaps they’ll tell us? : )

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I’m not worried about the future generation - with the amount of kit I have and the money I’ve spent, my Hi-Fi forms a considerable part of my estate so my kids will automatically become Naim customers upon my death. I bequeath to them a lifetime of upgrades and tweaking to pass on to their children in perpetuity.


Hopefully this will do the trick

    1. 0 - 20
    1. 21 - 30
    1. 31 - 40
    1. 41 - 50
    1. 51 - 60
    1. 61 - 70
    1. Over 70

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Let’s see what happens


I suspect inside leg measurement is going to be the next question.


What is your inside leg measurement?

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Not sure where Demi-gods fit into this. Over 70 for sure.


My average age is half my current age…

But I’m curious, how does knowing the average age of all on here get to the young people? All it does is tell you the age of those who participate (or rather, the age they admit to!)

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Age is just a number. Being comfortable with who you are, and being healthy enough to not give a damm is what’s important.

Although it helps to be cautious whatever age.


From people who have responded so far (77 voters) the age distribution is a ‘bell-curve’ centred on the 51-60 age group, so just upper middle age. No-one in the 21-30 band, and one youthful 0-20 (might be a 5 year old early starter?)

They, the youth, just don’t read this thread …

hey, I’m average…

Perhaps I always knew that anyway :frowning_face:

.sjb :heavy_check_mark:

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That’s a coincidence, that’s true for me as long as I use the mean or median. I prefer the mode, that way I can choose any age between 0 and my current age as the mood takes me.

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The under 30 year olds squander all their disposable income on those unprincipled18-30 holidays in the sun, with frivolous drinking, dancing, and fornication with those young well toned and shapely bodies of theirs…

Lucky bastards! :grimacing:


So is serious HiFi and related expenditure in some cases a sort of a midlife crisis thing along with a 911 or a Harley? Or perhaps related to disposable income? I was at a demo in my dealer recently and it was all blokes in their 60’s (I’m a little younger!)

Looking at the 1st piece of Naim gear thread, a lot of us seem to have started with Naim in the '80s and early '90s. Given the age distribution, that suggests a reasonable number started in our mid 20s to mid 30s. The question about where does the next generation come from is interesting based on that, I assume Naim’s hope i that the Uniti range is the equivalent entry point to the Nait.

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Apparently I was one of the 3 youngest participated in this poll! Yeehaa!

I think it’s more to do with those of us who grew up before iPods, and those who came after. When I was an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering, owning a HiFi was a must! Out of curiosity I polled my introductory circuits class the other day about HiFi, and less than 5% own speakers. Everyone else listens on their earbuds.

Of course, when some of them come to my house for the lab parties, they’re blown away by my HiFi setup and the sound from it. Most just aren’t exposed to it is all. There isn’t even a HiFi store within a one hour drive of this engineering university town!